Yosemite Trip 2016


I’ve decided to title this Yosemite Trip 2016 as I will definitely be going back again in future. I can’t believe I have lived in Northern California for 4 years and this was my first trip! For any of you lucky to have gone there, you will know how incredibly beautiful it is. Trees, mountains, water – it has everything. And the best part – no internet access =D This is my happy place.

Day 1

My friend Di and I started the 4ish hour drive late Sunday morning, arrive at our lodge just before 4pm. It was later than we anticipated, but we wanted to get a hike in as we had planned a short trip (we left Tuesday). So we made the trek out to the waterfall hikes – Lower & Upper Yosemite Falls. A nice 6-mile warm up hike 😉




Holy stairs batman! I lost count after 250… I think it was at least double that, maybe triple…



Why yes, yes that is a rainbow in the waterfall =)



Made it to the top! Climbed all the way back down just in time for sunset. I brought a ton of water, which was good, but we forgot to bring snacks. By the time we got back t our room at 9pm, we were pretty darned hungry. But sooo tired, so we ate some lentil salad and fell asleep.

Day 2

Check out our cute  cottage! Staying in the Yosemite National Park is pretty pricy. We felt like we paid a lot for a small room in a cottage with a shared bathroom. But it was cute & cozy and totally worth it as we actually stayed in the park.


We set off mid-morning and started off with a fairy easy hike, Taft Point. We found a guy working on his tight-rope skills over the edge of the cliff…


Made me squeamish just watching him! He was tethered… but still.


We made our way through Sentinel Dome to Glacier Point. We had hiked about 6 miles by this point and I found it a little amusing that you can actually take a shuttle bus right to Glacier Point. Ah well, we had a sense of accomplishment hiking our way in.



View of Half Dome from Glacier Point

Since we had only hiked 6 miles, I figured we could do a couple of more before heading back. We saw a sign for the Illilouette Falls in part of the Panorama Hike. It said it was about 2 miles down from Glacier Point… but I’m pretty sure they LIED! It took us forever to get down there. I’d say it was closer to 2.5, maybe even 3. Someone once said that not all miles are created equal. Good thing the falls were totally worth the trek down.


20160822_143354 (1)

We were bummed that we had climbed all the way down and had a 2.5 – 3 mile hike back up, and another hike back to the car. But we saw a deer on the way!


Despite getting tired, we decided to take a slightly longer hike back along the Sentinel Dome to get a nice overhead view of everything.


13 miles total, we staggered back to our cottage. Big Trees Lodge, where we stayed at did actually have a vegan-friendly entrée. It was pretty good, but I found it a little pricy considering it was just quinoa and some skewered veggies. I was still hungry, so per Lee’s suggestion, I had brought some McDougall’s cup of soup with a kettle. It was pretty good!


We also worked on a poster for one of my Make A Wish Kids that is going to Disney =)


Well… Di did the drawing, I did some colouring.

Day 3

Our last day. We picked a super short 2 mile hike. Well, it was actually a shorter hike, but we got lost. We were trying to find the Swinging Bridges and somehow walked past them, backtracked all the way back to the car and then back to the bridge. What should have taken 10 minutes took us like an hour, we were grumpy at the time.


But got over it pretty quickly.


The bridge was pretty cool.


I will be going back. I really want to try Half Dome someday. Maybe next year? In the meantime, I had a wonderful adventure with Di =)


8 thoughts on “Yosemite Trip 2016

  1. Looks like a wonderful holiday! SO much hiking, I am very impressed. Did you see any other critters? Or just the deer? Not that there is any such thing as ‘just’ a deer. If I saw a deer in the wild I would be super excited. You should see how excited I get about seeing squirrels!! 😉

    1. It was a wonderful holiday – I love hiking. I saw a ton of lizards. And bees. And gnats. Oh! We did see squirrels and they look different than the ones in the city. They are skinnier (go figure haha) and grey. Cute little guys!

  2. The trails out west are so much longer than east coast places! Desert National Park all the trails are like 4-6 miles, though many connect so you can make them longer. I just remember as a kid we would hike up a mountain and my dad would be like “great, let’s eat these packed sandwiches and go biking!” and then wonder why we two kids were tired and just wanted ice cream XD

    I recently heard a podcast about Yosemite- and it might be a fun listen for you:
    After listening it made me want to see Yosemite- though I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

    1. Haha parents kind of forget kids haven’t developed quite as much stamina as adults ;p We actually took 4 different trails the day we did 13 miles. But some of the trails are really long. I saw one that was 8 miles that I would like to check out next time.
      Thanks for sharing the podcasts – I will check them out =)

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