Workweek Survival – Food Prep Edition

I have joined the work force! It sounded like a lot of fun, now I’m not so sure haha 😉 One of the things I miss the most is the time I used to have. I used to have SO MUCH time for things. Especially food prep. I would have time to prepare good, healthy meals all week long. Last week, we had frozen pizza for dinner twice. C’est la vie.

I had to think of some ways to be better prepared. I try to make sure I block off at least an hour each Sunday morning to get some lunches ready for the week. I try not to book too much during the week so I can at least throw a quick, decently healthy meal together. This doesn’t happen every night and that’s ok.

But here are some tips to help make things a little easier anyway.

First things first, pack your lunch in style!


A good friend of mine gifted me this super cute lunch box, which I fell in love with (thank you Lisa!). I figured I’d splurge and buy a matching water bottle to make sure I stay hydrated at work. And the bamboo fork & knife will help avoid plastic, disposable cutlery. It does take a bit of time to wash every night, but only a few seconds – totally worth it.

Make large batches of food to make several lunches.


Every Sunday morning, I make a big one-pot meal or a huge salad to make 3-4 lunches for the week. On the last day of the week, I pack leftovers. Some lunches I’ve been enjoying are my Orca Bean Tabbouleh,  my  3-ingredient tofu bowl, Shaheen’s Curried Butter Beans with Mushrooms and Kale and Gena’s One Pot Italian Quinoa & Lentils (pictured above).

Do some prep!


After I’m done making a big batch of food for my lunches, I chop veggies to have on hand, wash & prep lettuce, wash and dry in season fruit to just throw into my lunches. Oh and, the most important part, treat yo self! This way you have healthy things ready to just quickly pack in the morning and get you through the day with minimal time.

Make yourself some treats!!


I make a dozen or so date balls each week of varying flavours. I pack myself a couple each day. I have a sweet tooth and it gives me a little kick of energy during that afternoon lull (without the sugar crash). I tried the cookie dough bites from the new OhSheGlows cookbook and pictured above is something you may see coming up on the blog (when I have time to take better pictures haha).

It can seem a little daunting at first – trust me, I used to be the person who would never make time for this. But I just feel so much better and it’s so much cheaper than buying lunch every day. Once you work it in to your schedule, it’s really easy!


ps. I totally have a Chana Masala packaged, microwavable Tasty Bite stashed in my drawer at work in the event that this falls by the wayside one day. And that’s totally ok!

What do you pack for lunch?

14 thoughts on “Workweek Survival – Food Prep Edition

  1. Hope you enjoyed the quinoa, Kimmy! It looks beautiful in your photo. And I love all of your tips for packing up lunches. I have the same tote :)

    1. You are too kind! The picture didn’t turn out well, but I was in a rush trying to get lunches ready for the week. It seriously makes the BEST lunches. This is actually my 4th time making it in the past few months =) Awww we’re tote buddies!

  2. Generally when I work it is an 11 hour shift. I freeze a lot of leftovers into both lunch and dinner size portions for these days, so normally I take one of these for lunch with some extra veggies and some fruit and sometimes some sort of little treat. I have 90 second oats, peanut butter and dried apple slices in my locker at work as well. On Saturdays I take a sandwich because I only have a short lunch break between appointments so I need something I can just munch on quickly. My work is also near so many tasty places that have vegan options, so that is very nice!

    1. 11 hours? At once? Like in one day? When do you sleep??? Do you only have to work a few days a week?
      I have lots of snacks at my desk haha. Definitely a must. My work is actually quite close to a Whole Foods, but I don’t really get a lunch break :/

      1. Yep, 11 hours in the day. I work every Tuesday and Thursday and every second Friday for 11 hours, every second Saturday for 8 hours, and every second Monday for 6 hours. So it works out, and it means I get days off during the week, but it is still pretty rough. Especially when I am in the Thursday through Saturday stretch, with only one day off on Sunday before my Monday morning shift!

        1. That’s quite the interesting work schedule you have there. Sounds like a lot actually, I suppose you’re used to it though. And you get to work with beloved animals <3 I love that.

  3. I am usually boring and have sandwich and apple with snacks for inbetween (crackers and dates are favourites). Depends what is in house – I took savoury muffins and a chopped capsicum yesterday and an apple – which I loved. I really would like to be organised enough to do your prep (I used to take soup to work for lunch and I would toast a slice of bread in the morn and eat it cold with hot soup but am not so organised these days).

    Doing it on Sunday morning is a great idea – Sunday nights are usually hectic. And I think some emergency food at work is always good.

    WE don’t have much close by where I can buy lunch now but if my boss gets his way we will move close to lots of cafes and will be interesting to see how I go then.

    1. I do find it tough some Sundays when we’ve been busy over the weekend. But I’m trying to make a point of it. Especially since we typically only make enough of a meal at suppertime for us both to eat, no room for leftovers.
      I hope you get to move closer to cafes!

  4. LOL, “TREAT YO SELF”! Damn right! Love the lunchbox set you got, and the tips you gave for those with busy schedules. I haven’t had a job outside of the house for a few years, so sometimes I forget what it was like to have to pull together on-the-go meals on the regs. Hope you are doing well!

  5. I am liking your stylish lunch gear. I have some, but get lazy and just stick it in any old tub.

    I do lots of pasta salads, this week I have been more experimental in flavours as its often very boring, and if not pasta salad its sandwiches, oh and flapjacks as I don’t do breakfast. I find my Sunday is swallowed by lunch prep for the start of the working week, some times wish we had 3 days off.

    Have a good week and enjoy your weekends, they are precious when your working.

    1. Oooh pasta salad. I haven’t made that yet – sounds good actually. Oh my gosh, YES to three days off. That would be amazing. Although I’m sure we would still complain about not having time for things haha ;;)
      Thanks Shaheen! You too =)

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