Ok… so I forgot to take pictures of food over the past week AGAIN. Shocker ;p It’s to bad too, ’cause I had some fun eats over the weekend. I made a super healthy version of a sweet and sour stirfry dish (I’m inclined to make it again and share the recipe and pictures though as it turned out surprisingly well despite not using onion, garlic or beans).

So, in preparing for a road trip, I’ve been making and buying some snacks for my very first edition of What I Will Eat Wednesday!

The first picture isn’t too excited as it’s just me soaking some dates & nuts & coconut.

But it’s going to turn into this recipe. It is my most favourite grawnola recipe ever. It is SO good. I have to omit the apple and pear this time as Terry can’t eat them right now, but I have a feeling it will still turn out well =)

Coconut water is a must for us wherever we go, we love it and it keeps us well hydrated (we will also be packing a TON of water in our reusable bottles). Lara bars tend to go with us wherever we go, and some Rawvolution Bars too – they are really good. Nori snacks are among our favourite snacks, as well as plantain chips. I had never tried plantain chips in Canada – they are pure awesome. The Coco-Roons were on sale, I haven’t tried them yet – same with the Banana snacks. Oh and I just saw the Snip Chips last week and bought them for Terry as he loves parsnips and they are pretty awesome. Give them a try if you see them.

And here are some snacks I have made and bought. I made these kale chips (middle left in the container) – my favourite recipe! If you haven’t checked out Sarina over at Earthgiven Kitchen, you most definitely should. Not only is she the most kind, compassionate and cute person I know, she comes up with the most amazing recipes. And she may be my in real life bestie =)

I also made some raw crackers (in the Sun Date container – you can’t really see them). Gena over at Choosing Raw has the best recipes too! As I don’t have a juicer, I just used shredded carrot and it turned out perfectly. This was the very first raw cracker recipe I tried and have made a few since then, but just keep coming back to this one. It’s SO good!

I think I have posted about the kale chips, crackers & granola  a few times, but I can’t help it – they are my favourite go-to healthy & portable snacks  =)

Un-pictured is some cut up veggies (carrots, celery, pepper & cucumber) and fruit (blueberries & strawberries), oats to make cereal out of, and I’m going to make my raw pad thai as a lunch to eat on the road. I still have some prep work to do, but am leaving it closer to when we leave, which isn’t for several days. I’m like preparing ahead of time.

What are your favourite snacks to bring on road trips?

I will try my very hardest to take pictures of the food we eat while we are away as I’m sure we’ll try some fun, new restaurants. And I will take pictures of where we are going as it is somewhere INSANELY FUN!!!!!

Happy Wednesday – I have a dee-licious recipe to share with you on Friday. Until then, have a fab rest of the week.

6 thoughts on “WIWEW #1

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out Kimmydarling. I just made a batch of my kale chips this weekend for a party. I swapped pumpkin seeds for the cashews for a nut-free version and they rocked too!

    I hope Terry’s elimination diet proves to be helpful for him.

    What I Will Eat Wednesday… you’re too cute!

    1. I could make your kale chips each and every week! I love the idea of trying them with pumpkin seeds – I’ll have to give that a go =)
      Terry’s diet has actually been helping him immensely! It’s been almost a month and almost every single one of his symptoms has disappeared (he just needs to put some weight on).
      Thanks Sarina!

    1. I am so bad at remembering to take pictures for Wednesdays… even as I write this comment I realise I had meant to do that today and already ate breakfast without taking a pic… ah well ;p

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