Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a pretty fun food day for me. I was on the run a lot, it’s a good thing I am a pro at packing my food up to take with me =)

Smoothie on the go:

I drove Terry to work as I needed the car for an appointment. My hormone levels have been wreaking havoc on my poor body since the move here and I’ve been having a hard time trying to regulate them. Rather, I should say, the doctors have been having a hard time trying to regulate them. My Hormone Replacement Therapy has been lowered twice in two months and it still needs adjusting. I haven’t had a dosage change in several years. I saw a specialist today who is confident she can bring everything back in line… the only catch is they need to slow down my metabolism, which means weight gain. *sigh* She said I should actually be losing weight right now as my thyroid levels are hyper, but I’ve been gaining weight steadily since I have moved here. I’ll try not to stress about it too much, but it’s hard.

Anyway, on to my mid-morning snack:

I had forgot to pack my nuts with me, so I had some when I got home:

Lunch was pretty tasty as it was leftovers from my potluck lunch Sunday:

I was still hungry so I had some of the kale chips I made for my bookclub:

I ended up having two of these snack-sized bowls as they were *so* good. I found the recipe at Earthgiven Kitchen. They are by far the best kale chips I have ever made!

I went out to run some errands and had this on the way home:

I probably could have had half, I wasn’t paying too close attention while eating it. This is a bit of a problem. I eat too much if I don’t sit and just enjoy my meal. Multitasking is not meant to be done while eating as your digestive system needs your full attention.

As I am trying to lose weight (in a healthy non-crazy way), I went for a 5km run and then did some squats and bridges and such. I actually felt super hungry after and had these:

Tracking what I eat is making me realise why I’m gaining weight. I’m eating too much. I need to cut back on my food intake. This is something I have come to realise in a healthy way, not in a restrictive kind of way. The amount of food I eat has definitely increased since having moved here and I exercise quite a bit less and I’m generally not as busy. So my goal for the month of February will try to eat the proper amount of food for the amount of activity I do.

Supper was more leftovers from the potluck:

I had a bit of Terry’s soup too, not pictured. I still can’t get over how amazing the lasagna was. And homemade hummus… YUM.

And I did end up making dessert. I’m not sure I was actually still hungry, I had just seen this recipe and really wanted to try it out. This is something I need to be more mindful of. I am rarely hungry after dinner, so it would be best to cut out evening snacks. But I highly recommend making this as it was amazing! And super easy to make:

I only had one, Terry had one too. And he even enjoyed it despite the fact that I made it with carob instead of cacao.

You can find the recipe here:

As the month comes to an end, I liked having a chocolate-free month as it seriously curbed my cravings. My junk food intake has gone down, which is great. But I still need to work on not eating so much, that will be a February focus.

Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “WIAW #7

    1. Oh man.. I tried making your kale chips once before and they were just ok. I must not have followed the recipe properly as I followed it exactly this time and they turned out amazing. YUM.
      Oh yes – check out the trifle recipe, it was super easy to throw together and he would love it!

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