WIAW #46 & Pupdate

Happy Wednesday! It’s almost over for some of you… sorry for the late post. But better late than never right?

It’s been hectic for me lately… I can hardly remember to snap pics of my eats lately. And when I do they are blurry. Ah well. Breakfasts are normally a green smoothie, but I did have this awesome parfait on the weekend:

Lunches are normally a salad, but I had this one day and it was dee-licious!

It was supposed to be a tofu scramble. But I cubed the tofu instead of crumbling it… I’m just so absent-minded lately! Anyway, it still turned out well.

And suppers have been thrown together in a haste lately:

Leftovers with some made ahead salad. This was the night we took the pooch to puppy classes, so it’s always a quick and easy meal.

And as for her, well, she’s been going through LOTS of nutbutter =)

Almond butter in her kong is her favourite thing on the planet. It’s pretty adorable.

Question for all of you furbaby owners out there – are any of you feeding your dogs a vegan diet? My Sunny currently does not eat a vegan diet as I’m still just feeding her what she was given as a foster dog in her previous home. I’ve only had her just a few short weeks, so I’m still trying to make the transition easier on her (we haven’t even had her as long as her foster mom did!). But any advice you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and are gearing up for some fun holidays! I’m trying to catch up on your blogs =)
See ‘ya’all back here Friday!

10 thoughts on “WIAW #46 & Pupdate

  1. I was feeding the pups V-Dog for awhile (http://v-dog.com/products/v-dog-kibble).

    To be honest, I didn’t really like it, and neither did they. Indy lost some weight (and he’s already so small) but feeding more equals more poop! They really, really prefer Orijen and I am probably going to switch to chicken-free to see if it helps with the stains on Indy’s face.

    Also, I don’t think it’s possible to find veg or vegan dog food that is grain free. Soy is not good for pups either.

    1. Hmmm right. I remember you saying that. I’m not sure what I want to do. Something I’m giving her right now does not seem to agree with her. Not sure what. It probably isn’t her food as she’s been on that for awhile. I’m scared it’s the almond or cashew butter :/
      Yea, ultimately I would want to find grain free & soy free dog food, but you’re probably right that I won’t find it.

  2. My now nine year old dog eats mainly home cooked pinto beans and rice. We supplement with a vet food that is for allergy problems. He also loves baby carrots and his medicine in peanut butter. We started the beans and rice when he was a puppy because he couldn’t tolerate any of the commercial dog food we tried. Good luck with you little one!

    1. Beans & rice huh? That’s so great that you make your own food – it’s an idea I’ve been toying with too. I have to do some more research about it if I go that route I think.
      Thanks for the tips Gay =)

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