Happy Wednesday folks!

Quick post today, I’ve been keeping busy. My new pooch is settling in nicely, but I’m still working on finding balance with her and all of my volunteer commitments.

Breakfasts kind of look like this:

This is my breaky to go. It’s a green smoothie inside of an old almond butter jar. Genius since I broke my portable glass water bottle :( I’m looking to replace it… but maybe I should just stick with the cute little reusable glass jar instead. And I had my first persimmon (that wasn’t dehydrated or baked into something) and it was pretty good!

Lunches look kind of like this:

A super yummy salad (recipe coming!!!) and a rice cake with some homemade hummus. I’m totally digging rice cakes right now. I mean, more than usual anyway. I found some tamari and seaweed ones and they are SO GOOD. They are especially good with mushed up avocado on them as breakfast. YUM.

Snacks are usually fruit (apples!!!) or veggies.

And suppers:

I’m loving all things kale right now. And lentils. Oh lentils. I took a bit of a break from them… I think I just forgot about them. They are such an awesome winter food.

Oh and I don’t tend to have dessert, BUT we had a couple over for dinner on the weekend and check out what I made:

I may have had two slices because it was SPECTACULAR. It’s a recipe from the lovely Kathy of Happy Healthy Life. You can find the recipe here. Β I just subbed the peanut butter for almond butter.

Have a fantastic rest of the week and I’ll see you all back here Friday!

7 thoughts on “WIAW #45

    1. I admit… I had two slices for dessert.. I may have had one more piece the following day. Yikes. It is definitely a pie to make when company is coming over so they can share it with you ;p

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