WIAW #44 Thanksgiving and such

Ok, trying to squeeze this post in at 8:30pm. I’m finally feeling better – that cold I was talking about the week before last got me down. Really nasty. Ugh. And now that I’m better, I of course want nothing more than to get back to reality. Which means completely booking my schedule beyond a sane person’s version of a schedule ;p Oh and taking care of the new pup on top of it.

I am hoping things slow down so I can catch up on your blogs and work on mine some more =) In the meantime, here are some eats I’ve been eating lately.

Breakfast is normally a green smoothie or:

Is anyone else out there a huge bookworm? I can’t seem to put books down. I’m constantly reading. I always have one tucked in my purse.

Lunches look like this:


Ok – I did not eat anywhere near this much hummus, but sometimes I like to pretty up my food before I eat =)

And suppers:

Ooh and one night my hubby and I got out for a date night and went out to one of my favourite restaurants:

We didn’t make it through half the food – it made for excellent leftovers!

And we were fortunate enough to be invited to an American Thanksgiving dinner. A vegan one!!!

Check out dessert:
Mmmmm I’ve been having dreams about this pie. Yum

I hope you are all having a super fantastic week. I look forward to catching you on Friday!



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