WIAW #42

Good morning lovelies! I’ve been up since 5:30am (it’s now 6:20am) and am a chipper, happy, sunshiny person already. Ah the life of a fitness instructor ;p

Anyway, I remembered to snap some pictures of the foods I’ve been eating over the past week. It’s not consistently one day of eats, but a basic idea of what I’ve been eating.

Breakfast looks like this generally:

I don’t usually have toast with my smoothie, but it was a toast kinda day. I always read with my breakfast though =) And this fluff is my current guilty pleasure.

Sometimes breakfast looks like this though:

Lunch can look like this:

Or, if I go out, more like this:

It’s funny as I don’t normally have dessert with lunch, but the two days I snapped pics I happened to ;p The day we went out, we went to Café Gratitude in Berkeley and they had a plantain special and it was SO GOOD. I think it may have been the best meal I have ever had. Oh my goodness. YUM. Funnily enough, my lunch dish was so good, that dessert was just ok in comparison haha ;p

Normal snacks look like this:
 Have you tried these nuts yet? They are super yum!

Complex snacks look like this:

Steamed artichoke with artichoke dip. Mmm mmm.

And suppers kinda look like this:

What have you been eating?

Thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

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