I’ve been crazy busy lately. With all of the Halloween festivities going on and we have a friend coming to visit later this week, so I’ve been cleaning and organising. And I’m just keeping busy with all of my volunteer work. That being said, I managed to snap a few, albeit terrible quality, pictures of What I Ate yesterday.

I actually started the day off with half of a larabar as I went for a quick 5km run (I say quick as I’m trying to get my time down and it’s getting progressively better). When I came home, I was having to head out again right away to meet some friends for a hike, so I made this wonderful green smoothie to drink on the way.

I had originally planned on having a nice, big salad for lunch… but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was feeling kind of chilly today (I know – I have absolutely NO RIGHT to complain considering where I live ;p), so I had a bowl of soup and some toast instead. Mmmm fall comforts =)

In the afternoon, I didn’t get a picture of my not so healthy snack of chips. And supper was just leftovers.

A pretty boring food day, but come on back again Friday for a super fun recipe!!!

Hope ‘ya’all are having a great week =)

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