WIAW #39 – Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!!!!! I know… I know, it’s not for another week. BUT I had a small get together last week and couldn’t resist making Halloween themed food. How fun is that? Halloween is my all time favourite holiday. I love everything about it!! The fun costumes, the decorations, the mayhem, scary movies, scary tricks… and maybe a few treats 😉

I thought I would share with you some fun things I made, some naughty, but some nice too – it’s all about balance afterall.

I am fortunate enough to already enjoy my veggies. They are pretty much the bomb. But how much funner are they to eat like this????????? SO FUN! Right? It was super simple to make, I just Googled Halloween treats and this came up. But the black bean spider hummus came from Fat Free Vegan and you can find the recipe here.

I also made some of my Sassy Salsa to have with organic blue corn chips. Pretty tasty and my gals loved scooping salsa out of a spider teehee.

Look at these awesomely cute snackies! Adorable and healthy to boot! I got the idea from Pinterest of course. As a matter of fact, Pinterest has a whole page dedicated to healthy Halloween treats – you should check it out!

And my favourite treat:

Spider Cupcakes!!!!! How adorable are these guys????? Ok, they aren’t quite as healthy as the other eats, but they actually aren’t so bad. Everything in moderation right? I will be sharing the “recipe” on Friday with you all. I have the word recipe in quotes, as it’s not really much of a recipe.

Here’s a collage of pictures my friend Chelsea took of some of the food and decorations:

See you all back here Friday for a recipe and tips on making the spider cupcakes. Have a spooktacular week!!!

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