Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I don’t have time for much of a post right now and I’ve been failing miserably at taking food pictures, but I managed to snap a few over the past week.

I have actually been having green smoothies most every morning but I forgot to take a picture of every single one of them and managed to snap a picture of this yogurt, oat/nut, berry parfait type thing. It was incredibly tasty =)

Lunch is usually a big old salad:

I did actually go out for lunch this past weekend though and check out this tofu scramble I got:

It was hands down the best tofu scramble I have EVER had. It was soooo good. Oh man. I will be having dreams about this. I had went for a nice long run that morning and had my mean, green smoothie and was ready for a big, heavy lunch. It was awesome =)

And suppers have been looking like this:

Finding my way back to much healthier eats and really enjoying it. I feel like I’m eating more veggies and less crap which is good. I’ve been training for a half marathon, so that makes me want to eat pretty clean. I ran 10km the other day and it took me an hour and 10 minutes, which is ridiculous. I used to be able to run 10km in an hour (or less!), which I was happy with. I’ve decided to start intense training! Tuesdays will be speed training and I ran 5km today in 31 minutes and 30 seconds which I thought was pretty sweet. I haven’t done that in awhile (even though I used to be able to run 5km in under 30 minutes no problem). Thursdays will be interval training and Saturdays or Sundays will be distance training. It’s nice working towards a goal.

I’ll keep you posted!

See you all Friday! Stay tuned for a yummy recipe =)


6 thoughts on “WIAW #36

  1. Hey Kimmy, congrats on getting back to good eats! Your food looks deee-lish, and I’m all about more veggies and less crap–although you wouldn’t always know it from the way I eat… 😉 Anyhoo, good for you for training for a half marathon, too! And don’t be hard on yourself about how long your 10k run took you–I couldn’t run 10k right now if my life depended on it. (Time for me to get back in shape, no?) You’re inspiring me to tie on my tennie-runners and get to it!

    1. I’m trying! I’m getting a little more indulgent since I’ve met up with some friends, but I’m determined to get back on track again (and I really didn’t eat too badly anyway).
      Oh how I love running – but it’s definitely not for anyone haha ;p
      Thanks Lee!

  2. Glorious food! Very nice! LOVE all the color!
    Yes! It’s been a NUTSO Week! Trying to catch up on blogging and visiting! Sorry about that! Thanks for all of the comments earlier today, too!

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