WIAW #35 (the slightly indulgent version)

Good morning lovelies! I hope you are having a super fantastic week. On Monday, I made a post about a hike I did on the way to Santa Cruz. And I thought that would be a fun day to take pictures of my food =)

I tried something new for breakfast and it turned out incredibly well!!! Recipe is coming!

Lunch at my favourite restaurant (Café Gratitude) after a long hike:
 And dessert:

I did actually share the dessert with Terry. He somehow managed to get half despite the fact that this was one of the best desserts I have EVER had. YUM.

Afternoon snack:


Ok… not my usual fare. But we checked out a health food store and they had vegan & gluten free treats and it’s an hour away, so I figured why not? It’s a hazelnut macaroon-ish thing from Staff of Life in Santa Cruz.

And what snack would be complete without an ocean view?


We saw some birds and thought we’d take a closer look. If you look closely, among all the seagulls, you’ll see some pelicans. Very cool =)

For supper, I tried throwing some things together and hoped for the best. I was rewarded with a super tasty & healthy supper:

A nice, light meal to offset earlier heavy indulgent eats. And it was raw to boot!

Nothing rejuvenates me more than being by the ocean. It centres me. It brings me peace and balance. It restores my energy…

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