WIAW #34 (I think)

It’s getting harder to keep track of these… I managed to take pictures of all of the food I ate yesterday Yay! This is a quickie post as I am heading out to the gym soon =)

Breakfast of Champions after a 5km run:

Just some millet cooked in coconut oil with some chopped strawberries & pecans on top. YUM.

Lunch on the run (sorry for the picture quality):

Sliced peach and a tomato & cucumber salad with some kidney beans.

Afternoon snack that I thought I may forget to take a picture of while eating and took ahead of time:

I shared this with some friends – homemade hummus, veggies & crackers. Great afternoon snack!

And supper:

I went with my friend to her dad’s for supper and we made this super amazing salad out of fresh garden veggies (omg so good!) and we made “glop” in the pressure cooker. It’s quinoa, lentils, potatoes, spinach, celery, water, broth etc. It was incredibly tasty. It was my first time trying food from a pressure cooker and I really liked it. And it cooks everything so quickly! We really just threw a bunch of things in and it turned out awesome.

We also had a wee bit of dessert:

My friends mom had made homemade cliff bars and put it with a bit of soy ice cream and I brought macaroons. Perfect way to end a great day =)

See you all Friday!!!


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