WIAW #31

Holy crap – it’s already 4:30pm here, the day is pretty much over for some of you guys! And I’m just getting to my post now. I usually try and get it ready in advance and queue it (cheating!), but I didn’t get around to it I guess.
These are my eats from yesterday:

Just a basic green smoothie with some almonds. There were more… I ate some before snapping a picture though. And there is my book. One of my favourite things to do in the morning while I eat breakfast is to read. And right now it’s all about Beautiful Creatures. Has anyone else read this book or the series? I picked it up last week and am already almost done and it’s over 500 pages – it’s quite addictive!

And I forgot to take a picture of lunch before I started eating it, but remembered part way through at least:

This is my detox salad. I wasn’t really feeling it yesterday, but had packed it as I was on the go so didn’t have the option to make something else. I had some more today and it was pretty awesome. I think I was having an off day yesterday, as I just wasn’t feeling myself.

My afternoon snacks:

The first picture is some home made crackers and some cucumber with water & apple cider vinegar (so good! almost like salt & vinegar chips ;p) and the second picture is a peach – they are in season right now and are SO GOOD =)

And supper:

This is my take on a healthy version of Shepherd’s Pie. I’m going to be posting the recipe on Friday as it turned out quite well. I had seconds ;p
And for some reason, despite the fact that I skipped my workout, I was still hungry:

So I made myself a nice, comforting porridge out of some almond meal in the fridge and topped it with some fresh fruit.

I was just having one of those days that I wasn’t feeling full or satisfied and I was moody. My poor husband, he gets the brunt of it. I’m feeling back to my old self again today though =)

I hope you are all having a super fantastic week and I’ll see you all on Friday!

Thanks to Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting What I ate Wednesday

4 thoughts on “WIAW #31

  1. Beautiful Creatures is a fun series. I’m listening to them on audio and I’m up to the third book. I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy the fun.

    1. Aw thanks =) I’m trying! I got a little indulgent over the weekend, but I’m ready to get back on track!
      Beautiful Creatures is a bit of a fluff piece, but it’s all my crazy schedule will allow for the time. It’s about a teenage witch falling in love with a teenage boy (almost Twilight-esque but with witches instead of vampires). It’s pretty cute, I like it.

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