WIAW #31 and a note on Stress & Balance

Ok – I didn’t post Monday… I have a goal for myself of posting 3x a week. Mondays are kind of a wild card post about anything and everything (health, my life, stuff I’ve been up to, travel, reviews etc), Wednesdays is always about What I ate and I try to post a recipe every Friday to share with you.

I set a to-do list for myself each and every day with a minimum of 8 items on it on average, lately it’s been mor like 12 as I’ve been preparing for family to come visit. The word blog has been on my to-do list since Saturday and it has been neglected. Working on my blog means writing posts, but also reading all of the blogs I follow – needless to say, I was feeling like a complete slacker! But it was completely stressing me out thinking of the time it would take to put up a blog post and all of the other things I had to do. So I decided to take a deep breath and not make a post. Looks like the world didn’t fall apart and I’m back today ;p I’ve been finding myself way too busy lately and I need to find more time to balance things. It’s just not fun when my days are filled to the brim with things and I hardly have time to sit and enjoy the day. I need to make a goal of striking balance in my life. I am happiest when I’m busy, but sometimes I lose sight of when to stop and be happy with what I already have on my plate instead of loading it up with more things.

How do you guys deal with stress and trying to strike a balance in your lives?

I’ll tell you that yesterday, I got every single thing on my to-do list done except work on my blog and hit the gym. But I spent the day with a great friend, had a blast and enjoyed life =)

On to What I Ate Wednesday!!! It’s been a theme lately of me forgetting to take pictures of my food, and yesterday proved no exception haha ;p I imagine I’ll be back on track once my family has come & gone. But I did snap some super fantastic pictures of supper. Breakfast was a big bowl of fresh and local fruit from the Farmer’s Market (yum!), we drove to Santa Cruz to have lunch at Café Gratitude, I had an avocado, tomato, coconut bacon sandwich and salad… and we may or may not have found some vegan & gluten-free doughnuts at the local health food store as an afternoon snack while we strolled along the ocean.

We headed back to my place and her boyfriend met us here and my hubby came home from work so we could all hang out and enjoy a great meal together. Nothing makes me happier than cooking and entertaining for others.

We started off with these super awesome spring rolls that my friend and I made together. I finally learned how to make a nice spring roll ;p This recipe will be coming up shortly with some fun pictures of our adventures in making the food.

We followed this up with a raw savoury carrot soup:

Then on to the main, which was the raw pad thai recipe I posted about here:

We took a break to chat awhile and watch some Arrested Development before eating dessert:

Oh man… this was SO GOOD:

Did you know you could make a cool whip-like frosting out of canned coconut milk? A bit of a healthy spin on an old favourite. I found the original recipe here, but have changed it rather drastically since I’m on the chocolate cleanse. But for those of you eating chocolate – go for it!

I will work at catching up on all of your posts, it may take me some time as my family arrives tomorrow and my day is pretty full, but I’ll have a super great recipe for you all Friday!

Have a great week =)

4 thoughts on “WIAW #31 and a note on Stress & Balance

  1. We all need a break every now and then, especially bloggers =) Sounds like you needed it too! Don’t beat yourself up =)

    Hope you’re having a nice visit with family & friends! Such delicious looking food! I LOVE coconut milk whipped cream, it’s so magical =)

  2. Ok all that food looks epic! Especially that dessert! I love coconut whipped cream but at my apartment I don’t have an electric beater and that makes me sad 😉

    I too am trying to post 3x a week, at least while I’m off school. Lets hold each other accountable!

    And P.S. Arrested Development is AMAZING!

    1. The dessert was pretty amazing. I think you could whip it with a fork – it may not look as pretty, but as you can tell, my whipping attempt wasn’t super pretty anyway.
      Ok – we will motivate each other to blog 3x a week. If we set our minds to it, we can do it.
      We just finished episode 1 of season 1, I think we’ll watch it start to finish.
      Thanks Gabby =)

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