WIAW #30 and the disappointing day

Good morning lovelies! I have been busy these past few days that I hardly had time to throw together a post for today (or remember to take pictures of food for an entire day!). I was getting ready to go on a little trip that I was so very excited about.

Yesterday started off with a bowl of fruit… I have to admit that I cheated and this is an old picture. And to be honest, I didn’t even use this bowl haha ;p And the fruit was also different as this was from 2 months ago. My fruit bowl included a peach, some strawberries & blueberries and a fresh fig. I was at Whole Foods the past couple of weeks and noticed fresh figs are out. I eyed them greedily and realised I couldn’t justify the $7 per pound to enjoy them. Then when I was visiting my friends pup who I am pet sitting, I noticed a big fig tree in their backyard and she said I could have as many as I want!!!! Any fig recipes would be appreciated =D

Lunch looked like this, but about half of the portion as this was actually a picture of dinner from the night before. I was trying to clean out the fridge for my trip so I just took out every single last veggie, stirfried it and added a bit of tahini, lemon juice & nutritional yeast. YUM. It even tasted good the next day cold =)

No pictures of snacks… but I had an apple and a peach and some nuts. It was so hot out that I was on a fruit kick.

And I remembered to take a picture of supper!

Sorry for the poor picture quality… but you will probably see more (and better) pictures of it in an upcoming post with the recipe.

So I had been very much looking forward to a trip back home to see my friends and family. My budget is super tight right now so my mom offered to fly me home to surprise my sister for my niece’s birthday. I haven’t seen them since March and I haven’t seen my friends or rest of my family since Christmas so I was really excited! I didn’t mention it on the blog as it was a surprise… but it didn’t work out. I got up at the crack of not even dawn yet (3 am!!) to catch an early flight out to Detroit, but when I got to the airport I discovered my flight had been cancelled.  The airline hadn’t even tried to contact anyone, they just cancelled the flight… they couldn’t even reschedule my flight as they only had one other leaving today and it was already overbooked with no other flights leaving until next week. I’m pretty bummed to say the least. Ah well, such is life I suppose – stuff happens.

Well, I will try and cheer up. And I hope you all are having a fantastic week.

See ‘ya Friday!


6 thoughts on “WIAW #30 and the disappointing day

  1. Kimmy, what a bummer about your flight! And to think, in addition to missing your friends and family, you also missed a perfectly good excuse to eat tasty, tasty chocolate. :-( On the bright side, though, your day of food looks delicious! I love the hummus-themed lunch; what an awesome way to use up your veggies. Will have to try it. Looking forward to the supper recipe, too!


    1. I am so sad… my family is really disappointed. Ah well, these things happen sometimes.
      Oh using tahini, lemon & nutritional yeast as a sauce/dressing is *so* good. And quick!
      Supper recipe is coming up =)
      Thanks Lee!

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