WIAW #27 and fun day in Bodega Bay

Is anyone familiar with the Hitchcock movie The Birds? It’s one of my favourite movies of all time. In fact, it is my favourite Hitchcock movie (my husband thinks this is crazy of course compared to Vertigo). It was on tv one night when I was fairly young (9-ish) and my dad was watching it, so I thought I’d be brave and check it out too. It scared the crap out of me!!! I still can’t see a big flock of birds without getting nervous haha. So what does a movie fanatic like me do on an otherwise boring Sunday? Hit up the town where the movie was shot in Bodega Bay, CA.

But, let’s back up a minute and start with breakfast:

Ok – confession time. I actually started taking pictures of my food from Saturday, but forgot lunch & snacks so I actually have a bit of a mix of pictures from both days. This is actually something I made up before grabbing a train to San Francisco for a volunteer training course I had. It was dee-licious! You should try it out, I found the recipe here. This Berries and Vanilla Cream is a perfect to-go breakfast. I loved being able to pack it up and enjoy it in a more relaxed environment on the train instead of trying to scarf it down in time to catch my train. I decreased the amount of fruit a bit though, and increased the amount of buckwheat to almost 1/4 cup and I left out the coconut. YUM.

So back to Sunday, lunch was a picnic on the beach (this sounds repetitive… I love picnics on the beach though!).

You can’t really see what we’re eating from this angle. I made a salad for everyone with lettuce, black beans, heirloom tomato, cucumber, avocado, fresh squeezed lime as dressing and topped with sprouts. My friend Brie made sundried tomato hummus and we had veggies with it. It was *so* good. She makes the best hummus ever. Unpictured is fruit and my homemade rawcaroons for dessert.

We had been hoping to stay at this beach at little longer, but the wind had other plans.

So we packed it up and drove around town a bit. We found the school house of where the movie was filmed!!

Cool huh?

And we found another beach with a little less wind.

We quite liked this rock… until the waves came in.

At least Brie had flip flops on – my runners got soaked ;p

It was hard to leave…

On the way back, we stopped in Petaluma, CA to check out Lydia’s Organics Sunflower Center. Have you seen Lydia’s in your local health food store? They make awesome raw crackers and bars. I was super psyched to check out the restaurant and store. Sadly, Terry and I were still full from lunch and only had room for snacks.

… and I forgot to take pictures before enjoying some. Oh my freaking goodness was it ever good!!!! The cookie was very tasty, but the cheesecake! Holy crap, I cannot believe how good it was. Best cheesecake ever – hands down! I’ve asked Terry to take me back for my birthday lunch (it’s a wee bit of a drive, so it’ll be for special occasions) and I will do a full review. The prices are reasonable too. I’m used to places like this (vegan, mostly raw & gluten-free, totally organic with a fun and hippy feel) being very expensive, but this was not the case. We did get some raw crackers and hummus to go.

And back to Saturday for supper. Since I had been gone almost all day for my volunteer training, Terry made me supper. He did a very good job!

We found okra at the market and had not a clue what to do with it. Back when we had a bbq, we used to grill it up. We’ve tried it steamed and didn’t like it as much. But make a big pot of gumbo and it really adds to the meal. Terry changed the recipe quite a bit, but he found most of his inspiration from this PPK recipe.

And for the challenge update – it’s not going as well as I had planned. But I’m adapting my plan and I’m doing fairly well. I’m still eating way too much fat. Why does nutbutter have to taste so good?! And I ate more junk over the weekend than I would have liked, but overall, things are going fairly well. I haven’t been overeating which is good and I’m feeling pretty good about most of my food choices. And I’ve really been keeping up on the exercise which helps with not just my weight, but my energy and mood too.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!!!! In lieu of a recipe post later this week, I’ll be posting about a special anniversary instead. I think I will be posting a recipe this weekend though =)

4 thoughts on “WIAW #27 and fun day in Bodega Bay

    1. Oh my goodness breakfast was so good. I’m sure you could easily make it grain-free by leaving out the buckwheat groats.
      Haha – glad to know I’m not the only scaredy-cat out there ;p

  1. LOVE the water shots! The food is awesome, as always! Thanks for posting them! Yes! Totally love THE BIRDS! I haven’t seen it in ages, tho, I have to see if I can find it! What a neat trip!

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