WIAW #26 & June Update

It’s Wednesday already! Time for another fun edition of What I ate Wednesday =) These are my eats from Sunday.

Breakfast was pretty fun as I made muffins! We love muffins for breakfast.

I took the main recipe idea from Kathy over at HHL and her Blueberry Muffins, but instead of blueberry and ginger, I used strawberry & rhubarb since the market was filled with them this weekend =) Terry managed to only eat two of his three muffins… I had all three of mine *sigh* ;p

We took a little road trip:

Our original plan got changed as we ended up leaving much later than we had anticipated (I’m looking at you Lazy Sunday Mornings!) and traffic was not in our favour. So we improvised and randomly picked an exit and had a picnic lunch. This made for a late lunch, but what roadtrip would be complete without snacks?

YUM. Here’s where we decided to stop for lunch.

We followed this path leading to:

Ahhh the glorious ocean. Nothing invigorates me more than spending time by an open body of water. We even found a cute little log to sit on and watch it while we ate:

Pretty spectacular way to eat I must say ;p

We started off with some cherries (I tend to eat fruit first as it’s a little easier on the digestive system):

We then had some raw pad thai:

Hmmm. I guess you can’t really see it much from this picture. But there will be extensive pictures on Friday with a recipe =)

And for dessert:

So this isn’t exactly June Challenge worthy, but I haven’t had any in awhile and it was pretty darned tasty.

We went to the movies in the afternoon and sadly, I caved and ate some movie theatre popcorn. It was vegan-friendly as we opted for no butter, but it was cooked in partially hydrogenated soy bean oil. I am not sure how I still wanted to eat it after hearing that. That is just gross. It didn’t even taste that good. And lunch was fairly filling, so I’m not sure why I needed any at all. Disappointing, but it happens. I haven’t had any for probably over a year and I remember now that it is not really worth eating. I normally sneak a homemade healthier version in made in my airpopper.

Dinner was fanfreakingtastic though!!! We had supper with another couple and my friend Di made an elaborate and insanely delicious meal for us =)

Above is a pic of her slaving away for us. She actually made everything only using a blender. I have to give her credit for this… she must have an awesome blender (and no – it’s not a vitamix or a blendtech!).

I know what you’re thinking!! French fries? What kind of meal is that? No, no – Di would never make french fries. She eats about as healthy as me (which is pretty darned healthy, but still enjoys sweets sometimes). These are raw jicama fries!! With raw “cheese curds” and “gravy” – basically a raw poutine. So cool! And very tasty! I never liked poutine, but this was awesome =)

She also made us some raw tomato and basil soup. Holy crap it was so good.

On the side, you can see I had a few Beanitos and my homemade salsa (my sad little contribution to her amazing meal haha). For the main event she made cucumber dill salad and “sloppy joes”. Everything was so incredibly good. I ate waaaay too much and was quite stuffed. And then she brought out dessert:

I wanted to know where she found the recipe for this totally decadent dessert. Of course she didn’t have a recipe for it as it was her own creation. Man oh man… I’ve been dreaming about it ever since ;p

Every time she has us for dinner, she always outdoes herself. Not sure how she can top this one. And I have no idea what to make to equal the wow factor next time they come for dinner. I better start planning!

And as for the June Challenge – last week went incredibly well. I am very proud of myself for the decisions I made. I managed to completely cut out evening snacks, manage my portions and not overeat. I kept up with my exercise routine and was a happy camper. By the weekend, I was thought I looked a tad bit more slender and noticed my pants were slightly looser. I tried on a few articles of clothing that had not fit in awhile and they fit!! A little snug, but they fit fairly comfortably (enough to wear at least). The whole not looking at the scale thing is working as now I’m conscious of my body more.

Unfortunately, the weekend was a bit of a disaster :( I still managed to avoid evening snacks and complete crap food, but I overate on Saturday and Sunday and ate some things I hadn’t really planned on eating (damn you cookies!). And when Monday rolled around, I was feeling kind of crappy (I’m blaming this on the popcorn for the most part and a bit on overeating in general). But I’m taking in some deep breaths, recognizing my triumphs and persevering. Getting back on track this week is proving slightly difficult, but I’m determined. I love my old clothes fitting again and I want to continue on that path until all of my normal clothes fit comfortably again, which means I’m more than halfway there.

How do you guys cope with overeating? I can’t even blame it on emotional eating as I’m not stressed and don’t have anything upsetting going on. In fact, everything is quite great right now. I will see you lovelies on Friday!

Thanks to Jen over at Peas & Crayons for hosting!

10 thoughts on “WIAW #26 & June Update

  1. Looks awesome! Glad you had a good day! Keep up with the June Challenge. I’m doing OK, but not perfect. Gotta keep remembering why I’m doing it!

    1. I’m feeling much more on top of it today =) I’m definitely not perfect, but am happy with the progress I’ve made and that’s the important part. You should feel happy too =)

  2. You’re too kind! and the salsa was a fantastic contribution!! enhanced with black beans! genius! 😀
    I remember “The End of Over Eating” being good, regarding the psychology of overeating… but it totally made me want to eat bad foods!

    1. That is not me being kind – it’s me being honest. You are an amazing “un-cook” haha ;p
      I really wish we could open a café or restaurant together. One day!
      Yea… the end of Over Eating didn’t really help me out much. It was interesting, but didn’t help.
      Thanks again for a fantabulous dinner!

  3. Wow that meal looks gorgeous! How lucky you are!

    I have issues with overeating as well, mainly emotional though from stress and mild SAD in the winter. What helps me though is reaffirming that I want to do what is best for my body and I want to nurture it. Overeating is NOT good even if it is healthy food and I know my poor digestive system will struggle. And I’ll feel awful to boot! Focusing on that and reminding myself usually helps curb it :)

    Congrats on doing well on your challenge! Keep going! I wouldn’t fret over one weekend of a little overeating. At least it was healthy food and I mean when it’s a special dinner made by a friend, it’s totally worth it and must be done!

    1. It was pretty awesome (and grain free!).
      Looks like we experience similar overeating patterns. I’m trying to look at it from the same standpoint you have been and it’s working the majority of the time – the weekends seem to be my weakness.
      Thanks Gabby!

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