Good morning! And welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

I started the day off with a breakfast I hadn’t yet tried. I sometimes get caught up in my favourites and don’t always try new things. I came across this recipe from the lovely Raw Food Sisters and had to try it out. It’s made from the almond pulp leftover after making almond milk. I am always trying to figure out what to do with it. And damn! So tasty!

It was also incredibly filling and I did not need a morning snack. I actually wasn’t hungry for another 4 hours after this bad boy! Lunch was simple – I just threw together some lettuce & black beans chopped garlic, onion, tomato, avocado. We just squeezed the juice out of a lime for dressing. It was so fresh and delicious =)

We did indulge in a bit of an afternoon snack:

… some of these may have been eaten before I had remembered to snap a pic ;p They are raw date balls.

And for dinner, I made some fancy digs that took awhile, but totally worth it:

I meant to make a big salad to go with this, but kind of ran out of time and energy, so I threw in some fresh from the market coleslaw instead. I actually found fresh fava beans at the market!! They are so good. Time consuming to work with as you have to shell them, boil or steam them (I chose steam), then shell them again! I made them in this recipe. And I have been wanting to make these Devillish Potatoes since a friend of mine recently brought them to a potluck. I used to love devilled eggs. I missed them a bit when I first went vegan… but haven’t given them a second thought since. But these potatoes are oh so good. You have to try them!!!

And for dessert:

Isn’t it beautiful? I got together with one of my besties over the weekend and we created the recipe together. I cannot share it at this time as we are currently considering writing a cookbook together and are stockpiling recipes. But fret not, I will have a different, yet delicious recipe for you Friday. Until then…

8 thoughts on “WIAW #23

    1. Oh yes, my hubby & I loved it! The funny thing is, I had 3 different recipes I was to try. 2 cooked recipes and this one and my husband wanted to try this one. It’s going to become a staple around here for sure =)

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