WIAW #19

So for the cleanse, I had decided to keep track of what I’m eating by writing it all down and by writing down my daily exercise and how I felt during the day just to reiterate to myself how I feel when I eat like this (GOOD!). And as I was leafing through my food log journal (I like to track what I’m eating if I think my habits are going a little off kilter), I noticed the first time I ever started a food log. I thought I’d share it with you as it made me feel pretty good.

I feel like since I’ve moved to California, my eating hasn’t been the greatest, I’m picking up some old bad habits and some of the new, good habits have fallen by the way side – but things have been better the past couple of months. I sometimes am hard on myself about not eating healthy enough (to which the general population looks at me like I’m crazy haha), so I really need to try to be kinder to myself. I have come such a long way from the girl who LOVED McDonald’s and would eat it at least once a week, have pasta every other night and frozen dinners the other nights and have chips or microwaved popcorn every single night before bed.

So here is an excerpt from when I very first started becoming interested in eating healthier:

Monday January 8, 2007

Breakfast: 1/4 bowl of cheerios, water (which appears to be the same breakfast every single day that week)

Snack: fruit to go (dried fruit snack), water

Lunch: 4 chicken balls, wild rice, apple, water

Snack: carrots & grapes, water

Supper: 5 tacos, 2 small scoops of ice cream, water

Snack: popcorn, water

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, just remember to be nice to yourself, you’ve probably come a long way and should give yourself some credit =)

And here is what I ate yesterday:

Are you looking for a new morning smoothie recipe to shake things up? I have found one for you! I have probably made this 5 times in the past week and a half (and now I need to make a different kind as variety is good!). It’s so super tasty. I found it on over at the Lunchboxbunch – check out the recipe here. It’s just so GOOD. Try it. Seriously. I’ve been making it with non-frozen bananas, adding a very large handful of spinach (or whatever other green I have on hand – for this smoothie, I like spinach best), frozen mango (pineapple is good too!) and you have to try adding in the fresh ginger. It really adds to it. Show spirulina some love =)

And for lunch, I tried out this salad:

It was pretty good! I will share the recipe sometime soon. It had carrot, beet and fennel in it. How fun is that?

I forgot to take a picture of my afternoon snack of apple and cashews as I was quite hungry and couldn’t hold off until dinner.

And dinner was a pretty fun salad:


I caved and used a wee bit of tahini and flax oil. My body was seriously craving some healthy fats. I guess mine just needs more than walnuts, pumpkin seeds and avocado. Found this salad here.

Well, hope you all have a fantabulous Wednesday. I’ll see you all back here Friday =)

10 thoughts on “WIAW #19

  1. Your ‘before’ Kimmy sounds a lot like me! We’ve both come a long long way.
    I laughed at your “sometimes I’m hard on myself for not eating healthy enough” :) I feel the same way sometimes then remember compared to 99% of people, my ‘unhealthy’ days probably aren’t that bad :)
    Doing good, Kimmy!

    1. Haha, I think we all started somewhere! Exactly – we need to be nicer to ourselves, being vegan all in itself was a big step to committing to a healthier lifestyle.
      Thanks Jerilyn =)

    1. Ooh that one sounds good too… I don’t have any grapes though. I’m not really digging the oranges in my smoothies yet. Maybe when I have a vitamix I will as the texture will be better ;p
      Try this smoothie. It is *so* good!

  2. It’s so funny looking back on what we used to consider healthy isn’t it? I definitely remind myself of that when I’ve had an “unhealthy” day! Your cleanse eats look delicious! And I don’t think adding those healthy fats in will do any harm! Need those concentrated omega 3s for them good prostaglandins 😉

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