WIAW 18th Edition & Cleanse

Hello my lovelies. Before I begin my token Wednesday post, I would like to pause for a moment and share my thoughts on the tragedy that occurred in Boston earlier this week.

The bombs going off at the Boston Marathon, hit a little close to home for me as I am an avid runner. I started running initially to lose weight. I kept running to stay active and healthy. I still run because I fell in love with the feeling of utter freedom it gives me just hearing the light padding of my sneakers on the open road and feeling the warm sun on my skin. I love love love this feeling and can’t imagine feeling any fear during this. We shouldn’t have to be afraid to be in an organised run, or go to the mall, or the movies or be worried about our children at school. We shouldn’t have to be afraid. But we cannot stop our every day life in fear of things like this happening, we have to keep going on with our heads up and eyes weary. My heart goes out to all those affected by this horrible and awful attack.

Well, I’ve decided to start a cleanse. I’ve realised that I’ve become a little overindulgent… ok, maybe a lot overindulgent and would really like to reset my eating patterns. I’m currently reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” and think that it is a pretty good book so far. A lot of things he says makes sense to me and it looks like he has helped many people achieve a more healthy lifestyle. His thought is to try his recommendations over a 6-week period. I actually find this a bit long, so I’m going to try for 10 days. If those 10 days go well, I will try for another 10 and see how it goes. I generally cleanse for a week at a time, so 6 weeks is a bit much. Especially with my very active lifestyle. The only thing I don’t really like about his recommendation, is no oil. Yikes. I’m reading what he says about it, and it makes sense… but I enjoy oil, I tend to use it sparingly and not consume vast quantities. But for at least 10 days, I will go without. He does actually say that if you are not trying to lose weight it’s not as big of a deal to cut it out, and since I’m trying to lose weight, I will try. I’m happy to tell you all that I am down 10 pounds total since I started trying to lose weight last month (about 6 weeks ago) and have 10 to go. My body fat % has gone down as well. Basically, I will be following Dr. Fuhrman’s guidelines, but I’ve made some of my own guidelines too. I’m basically going to try to eat mostly fruits and vegetables all day. Mostly raw, sometimes lightly steamed or water sautéed. I will eat beans and lentils, but not really grains so much, just as I’m trying to lose weight. My breakfasts will be either a smoothie or some fresh fruit (I’ll rotate every other day for each), lunch will either be a salad or steamed/sautéed veggies and supper will be either a salad or steamed/sautéed veggies. I will try not to have any in between snacks and will definitely not eat after 8pm as this does nothing good for me. I’m going to try hard not to have *anything* pre-packaged or refined, making all of my own food (like almond milk, crackers, etc). Oh and absolutely no sweeteners. This is a biggie for me, I’ve noticed the maple syrup and dates emptying much quicker than they should be. They should both be used sparingly (and not at all during the cleanse).

This is day 2 – I’ll keep you in the loop =)

Breakfast started off with a smoothie. I found this recipe from ohsheglows which you can find here. It’s a gogi berry smoothie and it was *so* good! I added spinach as a base though, and left out the coconut oil and ice, I swapped my home made almond milk for the gogi soaking water and threw in a bit of maca powder. I think I put in more lemon too… ’cause mmmm lemon!

Lunch was water sautéed veggies. I used fresh ginger, garlic & onion to season, and leeks were a nice addition. I ended up using a bit of coconut aminos, which yes, is pre-packaged, but they are raw and I’m ok with them. I added a pinch of cayenne too and a bit of nutritional yeast.

I had meant to add beans to this, but forgot, so was still hungry and had dessert:


I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, mostly watching movies (after my zillion morning appointments), so I was running late for dinner as I had volunteer orientation in the evening so I just threw together a salad.

It was good, but pretty boring. And I didn’t give myself enough time to eat it and only ate 3/4 of it, so I had a clementine during my volunteer orientation.

I’m actually in better spirits today and have already been to the gym and have a FULL day. I have some exciting things going on that I will share in a future post =)
Hope you all have a great day!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

4 thoughts on “WIAW 18th Edition & Cleanse

  1. I’m on day 4 now and my bloating is completely gone already! My skin is clearing up (not that it was bad before mind you) and I’m feeling pretty good =)
    It’s definitely more fun to know others are doing this as well.
    Have a great weekend Gabby!

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