15 whole WIAWs? Wow. It’s one of my favourite days to post. I love sharing the fun food I’ve been eating with you guys. It’s almost as fun as Healthy Vegan Fridays =)

So, I managed to miss taking shots of breakfast and snacks (sorry!), but for breakfast, I had a slice of gf toast with some almond butter as I was running out the door to run the She Is Beautiful 5km beach run in Santa Cruz along the ocean. I think it ruined all future runs for me… Nothing will be able to top that. Well, I shouldn’t say that, I’m actually signed up to run a half marathon Labour Day Weekend that should be pretty fun. It’s in Southern California. In Anaheim. At Disneyland =D YES. Pretty psyched about it already. Especially since I managed to run this 5km in 30 minutes! Shaving 2 whole minutes off of my time from the last 5km run I did. Woot. I grabbed an apple and a piece of a luna bar afterwards and headed on over to Saturn Café for brunch with my vegan girls group.

Check out brunch:

Ok… Ok, I know this isn’t exactly Healthy Challenge worthy. I may have sort of kind of fell off that wagon when my family was up visiting. Back on track this week though! I followed it with this:

It was sautéed veggies with potatoes and tofu and it was pretty awesome.  I felt slightly less guilty about this meal as I had run the 5km… maybe it should have been 10km with the mylkshake. Ah well. I doubt I will have one like that again for awhile.

I didn’t really have lunch as this kept me pretty full the rest of the day. I think I had a mini orange and some sunflower seeds.

And dinner was quite tasty. I love making holiday-themed food, and Sunday was no exception with St. Paddy’s Day – especially since I’m Irish.

We started out with a cute little clover sprout & cucumber salad:

Followed by a lovely pesto plate:

You can find the recipe here – I highly recommend trying it as it was superbly tasty. I added some broccoli.


And for dessert I made us some Shamrock shakes and topped them with some heart-shaped raw mint-e-os. Sadly I don’t have a clover cookie cutter, but they look very cute nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “WIAW #15

  1. I was actually thinking when I read the title of this post in my feed “Wow she’s been doing this for 15 weeks, man time flies!”. Congrats :) And yay for loving HVF!

    Congrats on cutting 2 min off your time!

    Eats look delicious, especially those shamrock shakes with the raw mint-e-os on top. So adorable!

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