WIAW 14th edition

Hello all! A quick WIAW post today as my family is still up. We are having a TON of fun together =) I will have some fun pictures to share later this week. I can’t believe they are leaving tomorrow… it feels like they just go here. Ah well, I suppose it just makes us appreciate our time together that much more – short and sweet.

So I kind of slacked on my pictures for today… I missed taking pictures of my snacks. I think there was an orange in there, some cashews, some kale chips and grawnola.

But here is breakfast:

Ok – not the best smoothie picture. I was kind of in a hurry. But you would not believe how good this smoothie was. Terry and I were practically licking our mugs afterwards. It has a super fun, secret ingredient! I will be sharing the recipe with you after I have some better pictures of it. I’m hoping to have it up on Friday. It’s not something to eat every morning, that’s for sure, but it makes for a fun and occasional treat =)

And lunch was at one of my favourite restaurants! I’m actually going to write a blog post review sometime this weekend about it, so I won’t talk too much about it here other than share some pictures of my fun meal!

It started off with this:

Ok… I know it’s not exactly Healthy Challenge worthy – but a minor indulgence… well, maybe more than minor. But I think I get a milkshake from this place about once a year. And I did not get peanut butter like I normally do at least.

And for lunch:

Ok – aside from the “cheese”, it is actually not bad. It’s just brown rice, black beans, avocado and green onion. And it was delicious!

I wanted to make my family a special meal for dinner, so I made my pineapple boat again:

 They *loved* it =)

That’s all for now. Happy Wednesday Folks!

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