WIAW #11

Had an off day today… the morning started off well enough.

I started with a green smoothie as usual, but put a few too many strawberries in, so it didn’t turn out green enough. But it was super yummy.

I managed to do a killer legs workout and was in need a post-workout snack. We shall see if I can walk tomorrow haha ;p

And then I went to my writing group to tell all of  you lovely people about my super fun day yesterday =) But it was rainy and crappy, so even though I had made myself a super yummy tabouleh salad… I caved and had soup. A can of soup… ugh. But it was tasty and after being cold and feeling very meh, it felt nice with a slice of bread. I actually haven’t had toast in ages, so it was very nice and comforting lunch. I caught up on Glee while eating.

I honestly can’t remember what my afternoon snack was… and see no picture evidence of one. Maybe I forgot to have one?

Hmmm… anyway, dinner was my husband’s every so famous santa fé spaghetti squash. Sooooo tasty!

I think I shall make a blog post about it with the recipe someday soon so you can all replicate the yummyness =)

Happy Wednesday!

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