Why I ditched the scale and you should too


I have no idea how much I weigh. Ok… maybe I have a “rough” idea. I kind of remember the number the scale said last time I was weighed and my clothes generally feel the same (sometimes a little looser, sometimes a little tighter, but mostly the same).

I haven’t checked a scale in almost 2 years. When I started treatment for my ED, that was the first thing my doc told me to give up. At first, I couldn’t do it. I obsessively checked to see if my weight climbed higher or plummeted down. It did both frequently, never really staying stable. One day, I got sick of this and got rid of the scale. I haven’t looked back and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it is the absolute best thing I could have done for a more positive self-image.


Above the examining table at my ED doc’s office

When I used to look at the scale, it made me anxious. I would get all worked about what number I would see when I peered down at my toes (sound familiar?). Sometimes I would feel elated at the number having gone down a bit, or completely crushed if it went up a bit. Ultimately, I never really felt good about it and I realise now that it actually set me up for failure.

Constantly trying to fight the number, I spent too much time and energy trying to change it, instead of just embracing my body the way it is. You can try and eat as perfectly as possible to have that number whittle down, but one bing-y weekend (after a bout of restricting any “junk-like” foods) and the number climbs up again and either has you trying to eat even less, or eat even more to fill that emptiness you feel. I know, I’ve been there.


 Motivation Board at my ED doc’s office

What the scale does:

It is slowly killing your self-esteem

  • It may seem like an innocent device, but it’s not so secretly sabotaging the way you view yourself

Losing the scale will:

Stabilize your weight

  • as soon as you stop focusing so much on the numbers, your body will gravitate towards the weight it is comfy at

Decrease your anxiety

  • Who needs those roller coaster emotions that damned scale gives you anyway?

It’s important to note that:

Your weight doesn’t define your health

  • That number does not correspond to your personal health, it’s only taking a small part of a large picture

Try focusing instead on how you feel. If you’re feeling strong and healthy, than the number on the scale doesn’t matter anyway.  Check into your inner beauty and let it radiate out. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. Get movin’ & groovin’. Indulge sometimes. Enjoy life. Ditch the scale.

20121205_152915Scale at my GP’s office

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