What I Ate Wednesday #34 & What I did Wednesday

It’s time for another WIAW post! I remembered to take pictures of all almost all of my food! And I thought I’d share with you what I did on Saturday as it was so fun =) I may have went a little overboard with the picture taking, feel free to scroll right through them.

I am training for a half marathon at the moment, so I started my day off with 1/2 a banana and a couple glasses water… which I forgot to take pictures of. But I did snap a couple of pictures of my morning run:

Check out the mountains in the background. My camera phone does not do them justice!

I came home to this bowl of awesome:

It looks like a bowl of fruit, but under that layer of fruit is a layer of oats & nuts, followed by a bottom layer of coconut yogurt. This is my favourite breakfast! It’s so good. It really hits the spot after a 15km run.

Then we hit the road:

to meet some friends for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in San Francisco called Judahlicious. The food is really good and they have a lot of healthy options! I got the beans and rice dish, called No Shirt, No shoes:

I realise this portion looks huge. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have normally eaten the whole thing… but that whole 15km of running made me hungry.

Terry and I split the Sunset Smoothie (super refreshing!)

And Terry and I split these utterly amazing coconut cupcakes (raw, vegan, gf, sf):

Sadly I didn’t think to take pictures of anyone else’s food… I was hungry people!

Then we walked around an area of San Francisco called Ocean Beach. And here are some of the bajillion pictures I took.

Check out this cool sand castle:

I want this kite!

This sign may have scared me a bit…

But it didn’t scare my friend Bill who proceeded to walk past the roped off area to get a better look:

Brave man!

The rest of us were happy to see things from behind the roped off area:

It was a tad windy ;p

The best thing about my friend Di is she has a great sense of humour and will pretty much do anything I dare her:

even if it means striking a silly pose not thinking it may make it into a blog post (ahahahaha!).

We headed home and I had a little snack in the car:

And since we had a fairly filling lunch, we just had some lightly sautéed veggies for supper:

I topped the veggies with this salad dressing (it’s the 3rd one down – Tahini Maple) from the lunchboxbunch – I’m addicted to it – it’s quite tasty, you should most definitely try it on salad or stirfry.

And I did indulge in an evening snack after a fairly successful week of healthy eats:
I found these Hardbite chips at WholeFoods. I used to only see them in Canada so I was excited to see them out here. And Terry couldn’t pass up trying maple bacon chips (they are vegan!). I found them a little sweet as I prefer my chips salty, but they were pretty good.

I’m feeling better about my eating habits now, they are improving as is my energy and mood =) At this point, I find it easiest not to do a bunch of crazy restrictions and to try and enjoy things more in moderation and not stress about eating “bad” things.

Anyway, sorry for all of the pictures. I hope you area all having a super fantastic week and I will see you all back here Friday with a most awesome recipe!

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