Weekend fun

So… I had a good idea for a blog post. Simple, just an update about my weekend as I had  a pretty good one. But I sadly forgot to take pictures of most of it. I only remembered to take 2 and they are both of food. Any other food bloggers relate?

I figure I can still tell you about my super fun weekend though =) I’ll preface this by telling you I spent 12 hours of Thursday & Friday (6 hours each) spring cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. I’m talking normal cleaning, but also taking every single thing we own out of every cupboard and drawer and closet to dust and clean. And clean the baseboards, doors, light fixtures & vents. I got a nice bag to go to Good Will of stuff we don’t need anymore and I’m feeling cleansed. My mom is coming up for a visit, so yea…

Saturday started off bright and early for a 3 mile walk with the pup. Then I went to boot camp. The instructor decided to do an obstacle course type circuit, which is my favourite. We only do them once every several weeks and they are awesome. I had meant to take a picture of the set up, but forgot beforehand and couldn’t move after haha. Have you ever seen the move 10 Things I Hate About You? There is a scene in the movie where Heath Ledger does this elaborate musical number in the sports field area of the high school to woo Julia Stiles? I remember thinking at the time about how insane the high school looked, not real at all. Obviously a largely exaggerated high school for movie production value. This is entirely incorrect. The high school my boot camp was held rivaled every crazy high school you’ve seen in movies. Damn. Though I neglected to take a picture, here’s an overhead shot I found on google images.


This is how we roll in Silicon Valley 😉

I crawled home and got ready to meet some friends for brunch at a new-ish vegan place. It was an all you can eat buffet and the owner was nice enough to give us a discount as we came in as a meetup group and he wanted to promote his business. The food was really good (especially the cauliflower!), I’ll definitely be going back. If you’re in the Mountain View, CA area, be sure to check out Phoenix Juice Café.


I sadly had no time for a nap after brunch as I had to prepare for a potluck with another meetup group I belong to. This one to celebrate the summer birthdays (which includes me!). So I was busy preparing food. I tend to make extra in case I’m not able to eat anything else, so I spent the afternoon making stuffed mushrooms, pesto pasta salad and raw chocolate pudding cups. Sadly, I didn’t take any good blog pictures of them even though they would all make excellent blog recipes. I suppose I’ll have to remake them ;p I lucked out though, as someone made vegan tofu & beans and someone brought vegan samosas. Score!



zomg… my chocolate pudding cup was amazeballs =D

Despite the exhaustion having set in after brunch, I managed to stay up late and watch Colonia with Terry. Something I haven’t done in awhile, I tend to find my head firmly on my pillow by 9:30pm. It was worth it as it was a good movie.

And yesterday, was just spent getting the last of the cleaning done before my mom comes. She comes up tomorrow and I’m really excited!

Since I forgot to take pictures of my super fun weekend, I will leave you with this super cute puppy that just woke up, complete with bedhead 😉


12 thoughts on “Weekend fun

  1. LOL I totally forget to take pictures – I mean, typically when you forget to take pics, it means you are SUPER busy and having loads of fun!! 😉 When I don’t snap chat… THAT MEANS = I AM DOING EPIC STUFF! LOL! I find myself snap-chatting when I am BORED!

  2. It sounds like a very fun weekend, and with some seriously impressive cleaning thrown in!! I relate to cleaning ahead of parents visiting but yours sounds particularly thorough. I bet you feel amazing now it’s done :)

    Also, in response to your recent comment re. historical fiction, I love Philippa Gregory too :) I also like Alison Weir who has written fiction as well as quite a lot of non-fiction (the latter being heavier going).

    1. I just finished the “final tidy” and so excited to just sit for a bit. And I know that it’ll be a fairly relaxing visit, so that’s nice too.
      Oooh I’ve heard of Alison Weir, but haven’t read her yet. I’ll have to check her out – very cool =)

    1. Ah cleaning is fun. Well, actually I don’t mind cleaning, it’s kind of meditative almost.
      YES! I will definitely be getting those up on the blog sometime soon. There is nothing more annoying than throwing a recipe together, hoping it works out, not taking pictures and finding out it’s pretty darned amazing. Ah well – time for a repeat!

  3. I have such a hard time remembering to take photos of non-food things. I had some friends up for the weekend and we did all these things…. I only took photos of the food.
    Well, that is not entirely true, we saw a wallaby when we were walking so I took quite a few photos of them!
    Then just food.

    1. I seriously need to work on picture taking. My mom has been up visiting since Tuesday and I’ve taken like 2 pictures so far. Geez.
      Ah yes! I take pictures of cute animals too haha.

  4. I remember thinking they might of done filming for 10 Things I Hate About You on a college campus because it all looked too cool for a high school. But then again my high school has the problem of being built in a town that took up all the land so there is some frankenstein pieces of field that you have to walk awhile to get to (at least considering how big the whole thing actually is)

    1. I googled it for fun and it was indeed filmed at a high school. It wasn’t California though – it was next door in Washington of all places. Our high school was very tiny. I think it’s the size of a lot of elementary schools ;p

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