Washington to British Columbia and back

Guess what I did last week??? I went on a trip. We found out several months ago that Terry’s parents were going to a wedding in British Columbia and we thought it would be fun to go meet them. We flew from San Francisco to Seattle, hung out for a day, then made the trek to the Port Angeles ferry (with a stop in Forks!) to Victoria, BC and hung out for a day, then made the long drive to Tofino to hang out for a few days, to make another long drive to Vancouver to hang out for a day. Then we drove *another* long drive back to Seattle to fly home. Road trip! So. Much. Driving. Totally worth it =)

I have a TON of pictures, but don’t want to spam you, so I’ll try and pick several from each place and give you the highlights. A separate post for food will follow, ’cause you know that’s a post all in itself.

Seattle,  Washington



It’s beautiful & green. We forgot what green things looked like having had a drought in California for so long. The air is fresh and the entire scene is vibrant. Everyone bikes! There is a ton to see and do (and eat!), but our time was limited, so we checked out Chihuly Garden and Glass. This is definitely worth a see. Chihuly creates masterpieces from beautifully handblown glass. Incredibly gorgeous.




The Space Needle is conveniently located next door, so we were able to see that as well. And by “we”, I actually mean “me” as Terry is not so keen on heights ;p



We also managed to find some good eats and visit TWO Whole Foods, which will be in my next post. Since we were in Seattle for about 20 hours – we managed to fit in a lot!

Forks & Port Angeles, WA

If you are a Twilight fan like my girl Kyra, you will be excited about this! I got to see where Bella lived!!!!! Sadly, we got slightly lost on the way to Forks, so I only had a hot 5 minutes to spend there, but I snapped a few quick picks and managed to find some more Twilight things while in Port Angeles waiting for the ferry. If you are not a Twihard – feel free to skip 😉




Bella’s street and the forest where I imagine she got lost in New Moon.


Bella’s House!!!!!


The alleyway where Edward saved Bella


The restaurant where Edward & Bella dined for their first date

Victoria, BC

They aren’t kidding when they call it “Beautiful British Columbia”. It is one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. And we managed to find a lot of sunshine despite it being known for the rain. We were only in Victoria for about 16 hours, so again, not much time for sight seeing. We basically stuck with downtown and wandered around a bit.


Ferry ride from Port Angeles to Victoria



Parliament Building


Sunset on the marina


Our cottage


Morning run



Chillin’ before another lonnnng drive

Tofino, BC

Cute, quaint, quiet and stunning. We were completely awestruck by the Tofino views. We even had an ocean view from our vacation rental. Ah-mazing! We hiked every single morning and it was glorious.


On the drive from Victoria to Tofino


Goats on a roof in Coombs, BC


Sunset hike





200+ steps down to the gorgeous beach… we tried not to think about having to climb back up 😉


The view was worth it!



View from our rental. Wow.

Vancouver, BC

Ah we only had a short time in the Vancouver area and we were there to visit Terry’s aunt and uncle. We did check out Gas Town which is cute and filled with little shops – great for souvenir shopping. Some of the shops are a little tacky and some are very nice and unique. There is the steam clock, which is nice as well. And I would highly recommend the Capilano Suspension Bridge. If you aren’t afraid of heights and don’t mind a little instability on a bridge.


Why yes, an ENTIRE store dedicated to maple syrup, my favourite thing ever


Gastown Steam Clock


Capilano Suspension Bridge

I have many more pictures, but can’t possibly post all of them. There are probably too many here as it is. I’m hoping to sort through the food pictures today so I can post them tomorrow. It shouldn’t take as long at least. Hope you had a great weekend!


Where have your adventures taken you recently?

Any travel plans this summer?

13 thoughts on “Washington to British Columbia and back

  1. Sounds like you packed a lot in! Seattle, as you know, is my favourite so I am looking forward to seeing what you ate there. :)

    I am off to Melbourne on Thursday for a few days of eating and fun times. Not looking forward to the cold, but looking forward to the rest. :)

    1. I tried to pack in as much as I could in the short time I had. I would have been happier with slightly more time in Seattle and/or Victoria, but it was still pretty great.
      Have fun in Melbourne! I bet you’ll have some great eats =) Which is well worth cold weather haha

  2. Great getting to see what you did on your fun trip!

    I have been obsessed with Twilight too and didn’t actually think about Forks being a real place let alone the places like the restaurant being real! I’m so jealous!!!

    Your pictures are amazing! Loved the one of the goats on the roof. So cute. :) It like you had a wonderful time. I would have been so nervous on the bridge but still would have forced myself to do it.

    I haven’t been anywhere too adventurous lately but am excited about my trip to Europe in July!

    1. Oooh I didn’t know you were a Twilight fan!!! I always love hearing about other grownups enjoying teen lit haha =)
      The bridge was awesome!!! It’s not so scary really. It’s more fun than anything.
      Your trip to Europe will be amazing! You must be getting so excited.
      Thanks Mary Ellen!

  3. Sounds and looks like so much fun! Seattle and British Columbia are on my list! Are you in San Fran? We fly there in a couple days!! We are staying in San Jose and Palo Alto though but will be in San Fran for at least one of the weekends we are there.

    1. You need to check them both out! They are both amazing!!!
      Oh I’m late getting to this, but I live between San Jose & Palo Alto – we’ll be so close. Maybe we can meet up for lunch? I’ll send you an email!

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