Warming Winter Salad for One


To be honest, this salad wasn’t originally intended for the blog. Last week I had been steadily ramping up my junk intake and feeling stressed and honestly, getting a bit of the holiday blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I was sick of feeling crappy. I wanted to make myself a lunch that would be filling and delicious. I made this dish, plopped it in a bowl, took one bite and knew I had to have it up on the blog. Pictures be damned.


Warming Winter Salad (makes one hearty salad)
4 leaves of romaine lettuce, roughly chopped
6 slices of Beyond Meat Chickin’ Strips (or protein of choice)
1/4 head of broccoli, chopped into bite-sized pieces
3 medium cremini mushrooms, sliced
1/4 of an orange pepper, diced
1/4 cup of frozen peas

1 tbsp of tahini
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of water
1 tbsp of nutritional yeast
a splash of fresh lemon juice
1 tsp of apple cider vinegar
1 small clove of garlic, grated (or minced)

Heat a small pot on medium heat, add a tsp of water and 6 pieces of “chickin”. While the chickin’ cooks, heat a wok on medium heat. Add a tsp of olive oil to the wok and sautée the broccoli until it starts to turn bright green. Add the mushrooms and sautée until they start to soften. Add the pepper for another minute, and finally the peas. Heat until warmed. As everything is cooking, combine all of the dressing ingredients in a bowl and whisk until combined. Take half of the prepared dressing and massage it into the romaine lettuce. Add the chickin’ to the veggies and coat it all with the remaining dressing. Add the chickin’ and veggie mixture to the lettuce and stir it up. Garnish with sesame seeds. Enjoy!

This salad is not a quick one, it took me about 20 minutes to get together, which is a little long for for a quick week day lunch, but it’s just what I needed. Yes, I still had some more chocolate afterwards. But hey, life is about balance, right?


Are you managing to eat healthily through the holidays? Please share your tips with me!

8 thoughts on “Warming Winter Salad for One

  1. This looks delicious! It’s so easy to fill up on junk at this time of year (I’m pretty sure that at least half of what I’ve had today has been cookies and chocolate… oops), and this would be a perfect way to at least counteract some of it. 😉
    I hope you’re feeling better and that the blues aren’t getting you down. :)

    1. Wow! That’s quite a warm salad. You could just enjoy this cold actually – I normally would have had this cold, but was cold myself and went for a warm version. The dressing is what makes it – you can massage it into your favourite greens and really top it with whatever you’d like =)
      Stay cool!

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