Visit to Canuckland (Shout out to Lettuce Love)

I’ve been meaning to post about this and haven’t got around to it. But I had a great trip last month! I went home (to Ontario Canada) for my mom’s birthday. It was a great trip filled with seeing lots of friends and family and eating some great food.

Sunny came with me! She was such an angel on the airplane, it was her first trip and I was very apprehensive. But it all turned out well, she just seemed happy to be with me =) I’m so lucky to have such an awesome furbaby. She made some friends while in Canada:

My sister fell in love with Sunny. She wanted to keep her!

My niece also adored Sunny… and well, Sunny will be your best friend for life if you give her a belly rub =)

She enjoyed a visit with my aunt and uncle’s adorable pit Cali.

Sunny has a crazy amount of energy so I thought maybe I would get a break from having to give her 1.5 hours of walking every day (spread over three walks) as it was so COLD. No luck :( She LOVED the cold and snow and ice. Awesome.

How cool is the ice formation on the river? So pretty.

We enjoyed some nice scenery despite the cold. And it started to warm up a bit by the time we were leaving.

I enjoyed some good food:

Breakfast of champions!

Mmmm chili =)

I have such a sweet tooth. Good thing Sunny wanted to go walking so much ;p

One of my favourite parts of the visit was seeing some old friends:

Bottom middle is my bestie Sarina of Earthgiven Kitchen. And top right is my friend Mel. I miss these ladies so much!

And I got to meet a new friend:

You may recognize the lovely Suzanne from Hello, Veggy! She is one of my co-hosts for Healthy Vegan Fridays and I’ve been really wanting to meet her – I’m so lucky to have had the chance =) She is just as adorable in real life as online. One of these days I hope to meet my other co-host Ana of Herbivore Triathlete.

The four of us met at my favourite restaurant in the UNIVERSE!!! I’ve had my fair share of amazing vegan eats in different cities around Canada and the US (Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, LA, Honolulu and Portland), but none, and I mean none, hold a candle to Lettuce Love. Some of you may remember the café as Kind Food. I am sure to always visit them when I am in Ontario and this visit was no different.

I was greeted upon entering by manager Mike. Yep – just like Cheers – everybody knows my name (even though I haven’t been there almost 6 months). They call me Kim from California haha =) Sarina and I just couldn’t decide what to get, so we ordered several things and shared.

They had a wonderful broccoli soup and it was divine. It had so much flavour and was very nice & warming on a rather chilly day.

We also split a bowl together. I need to try more of their food. I have eaten through a good chunk of the menu, but I love their burgers so much that I always get them. But this bowl was simply delicious! It was bursting with fresh and wonderful ingredients. and the lemon tahini dressing was so refreshing.

And of course – we did split a burger.

It is so messy to eat, which makes it fun. Anything that messy will be delicious – it’s a rule. We opted for the Cali burger in honour of my visit. The tempeh is the perfect texture to create this burger. The tomato and avocado layer in nicely and the bac-uns… oh my! They lend a subtle and mouthwatering smoky flavour. I cannot get enough of this delicious burger. I have dreams about it. I’m already counting the days until my next visit (ETA 3-ish months).

And even after all of this… I did make room for dessert. We headed on over to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.

I had absolutely no room for one of their famous cupcakes. This Skinny Cookie wasn’t overly sweet and nice & light – a perfect compliment to my meal. I did of course take some cupcakes to go to enjoy with my family:

Did I mention that the café and bakery are both 100% vegan & gluten-free? Oh yes! Does it get better than this? I think not. I jokingly (not so jokingly) told Mike when I move back to Canada I would like a job. He jokingly (hopefully not jokingly) told me I’m always welcome =D

After saying goodbye to Suzanne, we made the trek back to Sarina’s where I was invited for dinner. She made a wonderful pad thai (my pictures didn’t turn out) and this awesome raw taco wrap:

And as if I didn’t have a ginormous lunch… she made a dessert I couldn’t pass up:


I had such a wonderful time back in Canada. I’m looking forward to my next visit =D

See you all back on Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Visit to Canuckland (Shout out to Lettuce Love)

  1. So happy you had a good visit!! Maybe I can catch you on the next trip =)

    And also… Sarina is amazing. Recipe for those ice cream sandwich cookies anywhere?

    1. Hi Jerilyn! Yes – I definitely want to meet up with you next time. This time was a whirlwind quickie visit. I will be up again this summer =)
      I think she will be posting the recipe on her blog soon! I will link up when she does. Stay tuned!

    1. Sunny/Sunnie is like my favourite name in the entire world. I have LOVED the name since I was a little girl and was so happy to name my puppy Sunny. She is my own, personal little ray of Sunshine!
      You would really enjoy this restaurant Sunnie!

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