Vida Vegan Con 2015

I had the most exciting adventure last weekend! I was asked by Robin to accompany her to Vegan Vida Con (VVC) in Austin Texas. We had so much fun.

austinwholefoods (1)

We met the sticky sweet heat of Austin. Even though it is definitely a big city, I love the small town feel. Cute little houses, everyone is friendly and many people have a sprinkling of lights strung up on their patios. It’s where old and new blend and vintage meets modern. Austin is charming and quaint and it made me homesick for my small town in Southwestern Ontario. I also loved that cowboy hats and boots are in fashion.

Friday started off with us jetting out to Austin and hitting up the Bazaar to meet some vendors and try some very cool new products.

austinbazaarnadamooMmmm Nada Moo vegan ice cream… so refreshing on a hot day

austinbazarhempburgerI hadn’t tried Hilary’s Eat Well burgers yet and I’m glad I did. I promptly bought some when I got in. I like that they don’t taste like fake meat, but are hearty and grainy and delicious.

austinbazarspreadThis chocolate sauce/dip/spread is like vegan crack. Love Bean come to Cali!

austinbazarbetterbeanBeanfields!!! My favourite chips EVER.

austinbazarhempAnd the good people of Manitoba Harvest brought hemp seeds. And I got a sample of protein powder and really liked it.  It has a good amount of protein in it, tastes great and isn’t chalky. And this of course reminded me of home as they are from Manitoba, Canada.

One of my favourite things was the capitol building, down the street from our hotel. It’s gorgeous – probably the nicest one I’ve seen.




Another favourite part of the trip – the epic swag bag!!



The conference itself was jampacked of interesting talks and I got to hear and meet some great speakers.

austingenebauerGene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

austinhannahkaminskystylingHannah Kaminsky Bittersweet Blog gave some great talks on food styling and food photography.


austinfoodstyling1I even got to practice =)

austingenahamshawI got to see one of my absolute favourite bloggers speak on health care careers. I even got a chance to introduce myself and tell her how much I adore her blog (and hopefully didn’t come off like a creepy blog stalker haha ;p). She is an amazing speaker. I was in awe of how completely at ease she was and comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. It was one of the best talks. And here’s to looking into becoming a Registered Dietician!

austinlacydavisAnd Lacy Davis of Super Strength Health spoke about the vegan athlete and a separate talk on body image. I of course knew who this blogging superstar is, but was completely shocked when she knew who I was and let me know how much she likes Healthy Vegan Fridays. Vegan Celebrity say what?! Made my entire weekend =D I kinda want to be her new super best friend… again, without being a stalker.

I also got to meet a ton of new people. Meeting bloggers made me realise I need to up my blogging game and bring it! I met a lot of other bloggers that were younger (as in their blog isn’t as old as mine), but I would consider theirs much better. I found it intimidating yet empowering and motivating. Coming out of this conference, I would really like to work on my food photography.


Meeting fellow Canadian Jessica of Sprouts and Chocolate who blew me away with her amazing foodography. And she’s completely adorable. Check out her blog – it’s the bomb!

Some of the highlights from the trip.

The White Horse (a country bar):


austinwhitehorse1Live Country music? Yes, please!

Sunrises & sunsets:



Seeing funky street art and graffiti:



The biggest Whole Foods I have EVER SEEN!


And exploring with Robin:







Stay tuned for the next installment – all about the food!!

14 thoughts on “Vida Vegan Con 2015

  1. sounds so exciting – I went to a blogger conference years ago but never since. I suspect they have changed a lot since then like most things in blogging – and my photography is not up to the standard of a lot of the new blogs out there!

  2. Kimmy, looks like you had a great time at Vida Vegan Con! I’m hoping next year that I can go too. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the possibility of getting the RD credential, I’m on that path, so let me know if you have any questions about the process.

    1. Sadly, this was the last year for VVD :( I’m hoping someone will maybe take it over in the future, but there won’t be one next year.
      That is great to know! I’m still in the thinking stages, but I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks Lee!

  3. I’m so happy you could attend my little food styling talk! Thank you so much for jumping into the fray and beautifying your very own frito pie, too. :) Nice to meet you!

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