Veggie Grill Review

Shortly after moving to Northern California, a vegan restaurant opened up not too far from where I lived (50 minute walk and totally worth it!). I tried it out expecting it to be good, but wasn’t expecting much from it. It has however quickly became one of my favourite restaurants. I was sad to move to a different city, a little further away, but they opened up another one close by (not quite walking distance unfortunately). I’ve been meaning to do a review for sometime, unfortunately, my pictures kind of suck as I only had my phone on me and the lighting wasn’t great.

I will admit to you that I do not order healthy options from this restaurant for the most part. This is the place I go when I’m feeling low and need some comfort food. Or I head there when I have a junkie craving. And I also started a monthly girls night out with my veg meetup group there. The thing is, this place has some great healthier options! They have these great salads, bowls & plates as lighter fare. But, when I go out, I tend to select things I wouldn’t make at home. I make a ton of salad and bowls at home, so I prefer to order other options when dining out.

That being said, I actually have a once a month cheat meal and have a bit of gluten. I normally save it for this place. My favourite meal, is sadly full of gluten. But they have an awesome selection of gluten-free and even soy-free options.

We ordered some onion rings to share with the table:

My friend Kathy got a tempeh sandwich with sweet potato fries:

I got the Santa Fé Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich with the yukon gold fries:

I love this place. I love how I can walk in and not worry about what items are vegan and if the person taking my order will know what vegan means. They are also supremely awesome with special diets and can tell you what to order for any dietary needs. The staff is always super friendly and the food is always, always delicious.

If you head out to Washington, California or Oregon – you should definitely give Veggie Grill. You won’t be sorry =)

This place is Robin approved:


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