Vegan Traveling

Vacations are exciting! It’s a time to check out new places (or old favs), take a break from routine and enjoy life.

They can also be stressful… packing, planning, organising, making sure everything gets done before you go. Lots of preparation involved. Especially if you have a special diet and are nervous about what you’ll be able to find to eat.

All you need to do is a little prep work! I’m gearing up for a trip (actually, by the time you read this – I’ll probably be on a jetplane woot!) and felt like I had a million things to do.

Split Planning Duties

I’m traveling with family who don’t travel much and haven’t had to really book or plan vacations. I offered to book flights and accommodations if they could handle the car rental and figure out our excursions. Splitting up duties is a good way to go about things – it took away half of my stress =)

Plan Ahead

I also had to worry about packing (not much for a 5-day trip fortunately) and finding care for my pooch (thank goodness for friends that adore my sweet Sunny dog!). With that done ahead of time, I had time to get some domestic duties done before leaving.

Have a Kitchen Available

My failsafe is to rent a house instead of booking a hotel. I love Airbnb & VRBO for their lovely house rentals. My husband and I have used these sights several times and have always had good experiences. This means we don’t have to worry about noisy hotel halls, living off of restaurant & airport food and being confined to tight quarters. I love cooking, so having my own kitchen while on vacation is a must. I found out the place we’re staying at this week even has a blender in the kitchen so I can have my beloved green smoothies for breakfast.

Do Your Homework

Check out the area before traveling by doing a bit of research. I found out that there is a Whole Foods on the way from the airport to our rented house. Jackpot ;p I also always check HappyCow before going anywhere to see where nearby vegan-friendly restaurant and health food stores are.


Lastly – food! If I’m fortunate enough to have time – I always make snacks to bring with me. Sometimes if I don’t, I’ll head to Whole Foods or Sprouts to pick up some pre-packaged healthy treats. For this trip, I made some of  Gena’s Carrot Ginger Crackers, and I packed granola and dark chocolate. Oh! And I made some snacky balls that I will share the recipe for in a couple of days. Check out my haul – got all of this for under $30 at some local health food stores and it will make plenty of snacks & meals.

Final Tips

When having to travel more than a couple of hours on an airplane and it’s a domestic flight – pack your own lunch! For some reason, I get extra hungry during a flight. It’s probably nerves as I don’t like flying. I pack fresh fruit & veggies and usually some bean chips and guacamole. That way I have healthy food I like and am not stuck with an expensive and yucky airport meal. I also am sure to have had lots of sleep the night before flying and drink a ton of water to be hydrated =) Relax and have fun!

My good friend Carrie did a post on traveling before the holidays – she has some great tips too =)

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