Vegan on the Loose – San Diego Edition

You saw the sights, now feast your eyes on the food! San Diego has some solid vegan fare and we enjoyed much of it. We’ll have to go back to try some more though 😉

We landed for a late lunch and found Veggielish close to the airport. They have a build your own box option. It’s quick food and healthy. A good place to eat after a plane ride. The staff are very friendly and have a good understanding of vegan (it’s not completely veg). This is a bowl with quinoa, veggies, tofu & avocado dressing.


Supper that night found us wandering by Plant Power Fast Food.


I’m not sure I would call it healthy as they tout being, but it definitely left me feeling better than most places after eating burgers & fries. I figured since we were still over a day away from the half marathon, I could chance a greasy delicious supper.

I tried the Mushroom “Swiss” Burger with fries.


Terry tried the Classic Burger with Voodoo Fries:


The burgers were good. REALLY good. The patties held together nicely and had a lot of good flavour. I was happy to see that I could have everything gluten free and the bun was the best gf bun I’ve ever had. The fries were just ok, but the burgers more than made up for it. Oh and this gluten free vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberry cupcake. It was the bomb.


We found a little Farmer’s Market that afternoon that I didn’t take pictures at, but we found amazing locally made coconut yogurt. We bought some fresh, local berries and made cute parfaits to enjoy on our patio for breakfast the next morning. The yogurt was creamy and amazing. I forget the name though :(


We checked out Evolution Fast Food for lunch. I had originally planned on having healthier fare for lunch as my half marathon was the next day. But upon arriving, the raw meals were pre-prepared and weren’t super appetizing to me. So we ended up with more burgers and fries. Ah well.


Terry got the special that day… neither of us remember what it was, but he quite enjoyed it.

I tried the tempeh based burger with the gluten free bun. Again, very happy I could easily manage to be gluten free on our trip. We split fries and a smoothie.


So the burgers were ok. The gluten free bun was not good at all. I actually didn’t eat most of it. The smoothie was quite good. But the fries. Seriously out of this world!! I would travel back to San Diego just for these fries alone. They reminded us of chip truck fries from our childhood back in Southwestern Ontario. It’s a very cute restaurant with very friendly staff and an adorable outdoor patio. Overall, it was a very good experience.

We wandered to the Whole Foods as you know I have to go to one wherever I am! And we happened upon their dessert counter. They have a vegan section!!!


Terry got the tiramisu cake, which I neglected to take a picture of. I tried the oreo slice.


It actually ended up being too sweet for me, but I’d like to go back and try something else at some point. Dear Cupertino Whole Foods, you need to up your game!! 😉

For supper, I needed some good old boring pasta for the night before my race.


Perfect fuel!

The morning of the race, I forgot to take a picture of my overnight oats. And a smoothie after the race.

And then for lunch, we went all out! I was so excited to see that Native Foods has a location (actually 2) in San Diego. Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a meal there.


I went with the Native Chicken Run Ranch with fries. Not gf, but well worth the cheat.


Terry got the Native Chicken, Bacon & Avo Club with fries.


We split each others burgers and fries and happily munched our delicious food. This is one of my favourite restaurants. The food is really good and the service is quick and everyone is so friendly. We also split this cupcake, ’cause cupcake.


After a relaxing afternoon, a friend living in San Diego highly recommended Sipz. I was nervous as sometimes places like this are basically asian fast food with heavy sauces and too much mock meat. But this place lived above my expectations in so many ways. It’s not completely vegan, but pretty much everything is. Our only problem was deciding what to get, so we tried several things riding the half marathon high.

We started with the potstickers (dumplings). They were crispy and soft and delicious. They weren’t overpoweringly salty like some places and had a good balance of veggies.


We split the Chowmein noodle bowl. After all of the burgers & fries, I wanted some veggies. The sauce was good, again, without being too salty. The veggies were cooked perfectly and the tofu had good texture and was lightly pan fried. Perfect bowl!


We also got some sushi. We tried the Aloha Roll (“ham” & pineapple). I found it a little spicy, but Terry loved it.


And look at this super cute Caterpillar roll!!! It was the best part of the meal, in looks & taste 😉


We were too full for dessert.

Our last day, we made a light smoothie for breakfast and then got ready and trekked out to Café Gratitude for brunch. They actually have a location closeish to us (an hour away), but I love the food so much that I’m always interested in trying different locations, especially since the menus vary by location. The food did not disappoint.

I tried Festive/Chilaquiles. Very good. Probably the best meal of the trip. Terry tried the Trusting/BBQ tempeh Scramble. He really liked it.


I also got a Turmeric Latté. Look at that lat-art ❤️


I asked Terry if my tongue was yellow, his response was “click”.


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