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So I learned something this weekend. Sacramento, the capital of the state of California is completely cute, fun and a mini vegan paradise! We actually have travelled there before and I blew through there briefly around this time last year for the California International Marathon. I was guiding a blind runner for part of a lag of a relay for the marathon. I was supposed to do the same this year… sadly, I sprained my knee and wasn’t able to. I was pretty bummed. Fortunately, I am part of a team of AMAZING guide runners and they stepped up and had everything covered so all of our blind runners had someone to run with. Since we had already booked our trip – we figured we’d go anyway.

We drove up Friday afternoon and were happy to discover our airbnb was right in the middle of the downtown, so many things we wanted to check out were a short walk away (especially good for a sprained knee!). We heard of a vegan, gluten-free doughnut place just outside of Sacramento, so that was our first stop – Dr. Bob’s Donuts. I figured it was just a run of the mill doughnut place with vegan, gluten-free doughnuts. We were pleasantly surprised!


One thing that strikes them apart from the other places is that the doughnuts are steamed instead of fried! Cool, right? A healthy-ish doughnut! I will be completely honest with you… the doughnut itself is a little underwhelming, especially when being so used to the fried, sugary variety. BUT they have do-yo (vegan frozen yogurt for doughnuts) AND a toppings bar. It’s basically a sundae bar for doughnuts. YESSSSS.




Terry opted for a more subtle, fruity one.


I went chocolate decadence.


Sacramento is a bit of a drive, so by the time we finished our doyos (how cute is that?!) and drove to our airbnb, we were tired. I found a place just a few blocks away that had some vegan friendly options for supper – Capitol Garage. They have an extensive alcohol beverage, which I think may be the reason most people check this cool, funky-vibed place out. The food sadly, is not great. We were disappointed with our meals.

Terry tried the BBQ Tofu wrap. Everything in the wrap was cold and it was an awful lot of cabbage. The tofu was good and the sauce was too. But overall, the wrap was disappointing.


I tried the falafel burger. I liked that they put a nice array of greens on the burger, and the burger had a nice taste and seemed made in house which was cool, but it was just pretty greasy from being deep fried. And our fries were cold and hard :/


I was careful with the rest of our restaurant selections and it paid off. Breakfast found us walking to a super cute 2nd floor restaurant called Veg Café. It had a very cozy vibe with friendly staff. It’s not completely vegan, but mostly aside from a bit of honey in some dishes and they do offer an egg. It was easy to order vegan though.

I tried the Scrambled Tofu, despite the fact that I make a really good one myself.


I’m glad I did as it was quite different than mine, more Indian inspired with peas and mustard seed. Very flavourful, incredibly delicious.

Terry tried the Savoury Breakfast Crêpe. I tried a bite – it was insanely delicious! The coconut milk infused the whole dish and with the turmeric combination was transcendent.


We walked around a bit, happened across a tiny street market, enjoyed some Philz vegan hot chocolates with coconut whipped cream and meandered back to our airbnb. When lunch time rolled around, we decided to drive across town. Nourish Health Bar is focused on healthy eats, especially by incorporating probiotics to give your taste buds and stomach good things. It’s completely adorable and they even have kombucha on tap!




We started with drinks. I got strawberry hibiscus lemonade and Terry tried matcha almond milk.


They use Life Burgers. We got ours with mixed veggies. Dee-licious! Hearty, filling and left us feeling energetic!


We headed to Old Town Sacramento to check out the Railway Museum (definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area).


We wandered Old Town.


All that walking left us feeling hungry. During my online searches for vegan food, I found an ice cream place. Not just any ice cream place. A hand crafted gelato made out of pure magic. Ok… maybe it’s cashew based, but it tasted like magic. It was hands down the BEST vegan ice cream I have ever had. I had a chance to meet the creator of the awesomeness, Andrea. I was curious about her process and was surprised to find there are no fillers or thickeners or anything artificial. She tries to use organic, fair trade, in season, locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. How awesome is that? And she’s super cute & friendly =)




I am bummed the above picture didn’t turn out better… please know it was because I hastily snapped this before devouring this cup with Terry. We got half Peppermint (yes, it did taste like Christmas!) and Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple (I can’t even describe how decadently awesome this was!!!). This was my favourite food experience of the weekend. We both wanted more when we finished, but knew we should save room for supper. I think I would make the 2.5+ hour trek back to Sacramento for this alone though. Yes, it was THAT GOOD.

Supper was also quite good. Much better than the previous night fortunately and it was also within walking distance of where we were staying. Garden to Grill is a small, almost hole-in-the-wall like, but much more endearing and cuter. Their food is pretty mind blowing.

Terry tried the California burger and licked his plate clean! The tempeh bacon on top was a really nice addition. The fries are actually baked, which is cool.


I got the Midtown BLT with onion rings. The sandwich was quite good, they make their own in house tempeh, which is pretty rockin’. And I can’t remember the last time I tracked down vegan onion rings!


And despite being full… we got dessert.

Terry got a cream filled cupcake.


I got the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. YUM!


Why yes, yes we did have ice cream & cupcakes in the same day. No regrets here!

And Sunday morning we hit up a little brunch place called Evan’s Kitchen. It wasn’t a vegan place, but they had a small, vegan menu and I was intrigued by the Rice Crisp French Toast. It was everything I expected and more. We split the french toast with a Tofu Scramble which was also quite good. I don’t typically put daiya on my scramble and it was a nice change.



Good food, good service. I always appreciate when non-veg places try to cater to vegans =)

And last, but not least, we went to Family Donuts on our way out of Sacramento. It is not completely vegan, but they have a selection of vegan doughnuts on the weekend. The doughnuts are incredibly tasty!


It was a pretty great way to finish the weekend =D

We plan on heading back sometime soon! Hopefully when I don’t have a knee brace, so I can do more walking ;p



7 thoughts on “Vegan on the Loose – Sacramento Eats

  1. Your poor knee! I hope it heals quickly.
    It looks like you had much great food, even if there were a few duds. A doughnut topping bar sounds like a great idea! But I must say that I would be most excited about that ice cream. In a sea of coconut-based ice creams, cashew-based treats sound delightful to me!

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  3. I love reading posts with all the different vegan spots to eat. Especially when the restaurant isn’t 100% but have some good options. So many sweet snacks to choose from.

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