Vegan on the loose in Zurich, Switzerland (part 2)


Guten Tag! Last week, I started talking about my wonderful European adventure! This is the tail end of it (next week there will be a food post!). so. many. pictures.

Day 6 was hiking. You would think a day at the spa can’t be beat, but I’m an outdoorsy girl at heart and decided to hike up the Uetliberg Mountain. Apparently it’s easy to figure out a tram system to get there, but I opted to walk (even though I would be hiking upon arrival…) as I had the time and didn’t want to get lost on a tram going somewhere in a strange city. Well, it was 6km to the mountain and a 3,000 foot trek up the hill. Then I climbed up the Radio Tower for a breathtaking view of the city. I was speechless at the utter beauty of Zurich. Needless to say, after hiking back down and the 6km walk back to the flat, I was done for the day!



 Walking along the trail up the mountain


 At least I’m not scared of heights  – there was still quite a ways to go!



The trek up was well worth this amazing view…


Interesting camera focus


And yet there is still more climbing…


It’s all about the climb


A very sore, yet very happy me

Day 7 was jam packed full with the last few things I wanted to do. I went to the Swiss National Museum – set in a beautiful fairy-tale like castle. I finally made it out to the Chinese Garden and I took a little boat tour up the Limmat. I finished the day off with some souvenir shopping on the Bahnoffstrasse – the most expensive street in Europe! Riddled with shops like Prada, Swarovski and the world famous Sprungli chocolatier, I had my work cut out for me. Just kidding! I actually really don’t like shopping at all. I picked out a few gifts for family and headed back to the flat exhausted.

swisslandemuseum Swiss National Museum



Chinese Garden


Riverboat Cruise

Day 8 was a very memorable excursion. As if travelling to Switzerland and finally getting my passport stamped wasn’t fun enough! I got to have my passport stamped with another country =) Terry and I took advantage of the proximity of the country Liechtenstein and took a bus tour there. The tour left Zurich, made it’s way to Rapperswil (city of roses), cruised through the Swiss Alps, carried us to Liechtenstein and finally back to Zurich. It was nice to see some things outside of Zurich as I’m not sure when/if I’ll be back. Liechtenstein is a very small European country, very beautiful and charming. I tried snapping a picture of the Duke’s castle – but this was all I could get.




Chillin’ in Rapperswil









 The beautiful countryside in the alps

Day 9 was a relaxed day. We were too tired to do anything and hung around our flat after a walk in the morning.




Day 10 was my last full day in Zurich. I spent the day shopping for last minute souvenirs, mainly chocolate. I wanted to wait to buy the chocolate as it had been so hot, I was scared it would melt. I did some laundry, organized and packed. We had a wonderful supper at the oldest and most famous vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl before retiring for the day.


This is by far the longest vacation I have ever taken. I think 5 days has been my max up until now, so 12 days was a huge leap. I enjoyed it, but not sure I’d do it again. I think a week is plenty long enough for a vacation. I missed my dog soooooo much. And my routine and my home. Just the comfortable things I’m used to. Zurich certainly had it’s charm though – I will miss the church bells singing and the city steeped in beautiful architecture.


IMG_2419Where have you travelled recently?

Do you have any travel plans coming up this year?

5 thoughts on “Vegan on the loose in Zurich, Switzerland (part 2)

  1. SWOONING over ALL of these photos! I need to get my butt back to EUROPE ASAP! I forget how stunning it is! :) Thrilled you had a good time! And yeah, 12 days is along long long time. Typically when I leave the country, it’s for 10 – 12 days. And while it’s wonderful, I always am READY to come home, ha ha ah! And these days, I am SADLY most excited about getting my 4G back, PATHETIC! LOL!

  2. Wow, the views from your hike are amazing! Zurich is now definitely on my list of places to visit :) can’t wait for your next post about the food over there! I am a homely sort of person too, which is why I don’t travel much…I love my home, my kitchen, my garden, my cats…it’s too hard to leave!

    1. The food was incredible. There were only 2 places that really grabbed my attention – but they both are in my top 10 restaurants now! It’s nice to have a vacation once in awhile, but nothing beats home =)

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