Vegan on the Loose in Seattle, WA and Victoria & Vancouvery, BC

I talked yesterday about my awesome trip to Washington and British Columbia. I thought in this post, I would have less pictures as I kind of slammed you with photos yesterday… but it appears that this post may have even more pictures. But it’s all glorious vegan travel eats, so I can imagine that you would appreciate it =) It’ll help you in your travels if you find yourself in these areas.

Let’s start Seattle. First stop, Whole Foods!!! One of my favourite things to do when visiting any new city is to check out Whole Foods to see what kind of goodies they have in stock that I don’t have in my neighbourhood one.



Whole Foods Hot Bar finds

We walked around a bit and then checked out The Flying Apron where they offer vegan & gluten free treats. I had high hopes for this place, I don’t really find a lot of vegan & gluten-free bakeries around NorCal and I was not disappointed.



Too many goodies to choose from!




We tried some cupcakes and took some pie and a bar to go

We did some touristy things in between the snack and supper and unfortunately, by the time we reached Plum Bistro at 7pm, there was a 40-minute wait. I had really hoped to try it, but we were so hungry, we decided to take a short walk to Highline Seattle. The atmosphere was completely different, kind of a hole in the wall place, a bar, which isn’t normally our scene. But the service was quick & the food was good. We each got a BLT and fries. Everything is vegan! The fries were crispy and hot. The sandwich was thick and filling – good “bacon”. And the dill pickle was especially delicious.


After a good night’s rest, we headed to Wayward Vegan Café. We highly recommend this place. It’s super cute with lots of natural light, friendly staff and some very good gluten-free options.


Terry tried the Ex-Benedict and quite enjoyed it


I tried the Sampler Plate – the tofu scramble was seasoned much more differently than I’m used to and it was very good. The hashbrowns were the best! The steamed kale was nice too.

Next stop, Victoria, British Columbia! We started with supper at Be Love.


A nice, lighter option with healthful, vibrant food. This place has a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The service was a tad slow, but the food was quite good and everyone is very friendly. I would highly recommend this place. I got the Green Bowl and it was soul-satisfying. It was just what I needed after over-indulging in Seattle. I forgot to take a picture of Terry’s meal. We also got a couple of treats to go.



After a restful stay in our cabin and nice run by a creek, it was time for breakfast again! We checked out MoLé. It’s not completely vegan, but had a few vegan options and understood very well what vegan means. It’s an all-day breakfast place and it only had a short wait and was in downtown, which was convenient for looking around afterwards.


I tried the tofu scramble, the sautéed mushrooms and would you believe they had gluten-free, vegan toast? Very good breakfast!


MoLé was conveniently located next to a vegan chocolate shoppe!!!!


We almost walked right on by Pure Lovin’ Chocolate until I noticed it said dairy free. When I asked the owner, Cyndy, she said her and her daughter handcraft all of their artisan chocolates and they are all vegan and gluten-free.



We walked away with several to try.


Terry’s favourite was a ginger truffle. Mine was the coconut almond cup.


If you are in the Victoria area, I urge you to check out Pure Lovin’. Cyndy is very sweet & helpful. She takes pride in her chocolates, and with good reason – they are decadently delicious.

We wanted to grab a quick bite for lunch before grabbing the ferry to the Vancouver area. I didn’t have anything planned, so I just checked Yelp quickly and noticed Green Cuisine. This is a hidden gem. It’s in the downtown area, but off to the side a bit. It’s not fancy, almost a fast food setting. But the food is anything but fast food. It’s buffet style and healthful. We really enjoyed our plates. Be mindful that you pay by weight and it can get pricey if you load your plate up.


The sweet & sour tofu was my favourite. The lentils were lovely and the potato salad was out of this world. I would definitely go back here.

One more quick stop before the ferry ride! We needed to load up on essentials before heading to Tofino, BC as we knew there wouldn’t be much for us to eat there. All I have to say is thank goodness for Lifestyle Markets. If not for them, I fear we would have gone hungry! I made sure our rental had a full kitchen, which was super helpful. This is a really good option when you know you won’t have many options while traveling.


I did actually try one restaurant in the Tofino area that shall remain nameless. It was a fancy place, so I was hoping they would be accommodating. They managed to easily make Terry’s meal dairy free. I asked them to make a rice dish vegan and they assured me they could. When I took my first bite, I got a mouthful of cheese (it was baked in parmesan, so naked to the eye). Ewwww. They managed to correct the situation, but not before I decided to stick with making my own food.


Quinoa Flakes before a morning hike


Mmmm carbs after a day of running & hiking


Tofu Veggie Stirfry and Rice

Ok… after a couple of days, I was actually ready to try a place that claimed they had vegan ice cream.



Chocolate Coconut – dee-licious!

And sadly, on our last day, I found Green Soul Organics. A super cute little health food store. We noticed they served some vegan menu lunch options, but only Weds – Saturday, which didn’t include days we were up. So we just grabbed some vegan treats on the way. Most of the treats are vegan, save a few with honey. And they carry some good essentials.




We headed to Maple Ridge to visit Terry’s aunt. They invited us for a bbq with “vegan options”. I honestly didn’t have high hopes as that usually means some veggies or salad. But man oh man did they ever make me a good meal! They made the potatoes dairy free, they had fresh veggies from their garden and made me tacos with beans, avocado and even had daiya for me. YES!! Oooh and fruit skewers for dessert. This makes me want to go back =D



Our last full day in the area was spent in Vancouver, which of course has a ton of vegan options. As I was the only vegan, I tried finding a vegan-friendly place. I accidentally picked an entirely vegan restaurant. Oops. Except not because everyone really enjoyed their meals =) I would say that Meet is like the Veggie Grill equivalent as it would be the place to bring non-veg people to enjoy a good meal. As Terry and I had been enjoying some healthier eating, we indulged with some “wings” and burgers & fries. The food is fantastic! Aunt Elizabeth tried the caesar salad (unpictured) and quite enjoyed it as well.




I had intended our last meal to be at a restaurant I found on Yelp. But Aunt Elizabeth said Uncle George really enjoys a place called Browns SocialHouse. Terry and I were a wee bit nervous as the menu had no vegan options, but they had been so nice to us that we wanted to give it a try. Our server didn’t seem sure that the dish I selected could be made vegan or that Terry’s meal could be made dairy-free. But she came back triumphant to confirm it would be no problem – the kitchen completely understood our dietary needs. As I was assured this at the first place in Tofino, I was still a little nervous. But I didn’t have to be! It was honestly the best meal of the entire vacation! I tried the Dragon Bowl with tofu and no yogurt and it was insanely delicious! The tofu was perfectly marinated and the veggies were soft with a bit of crunch to them, which is my preference. If you try them out, which you totally should, be sure to let them know you are vegan so they can make the food accordingly. I’m so glad we tried this place!


And lastly, we may have picked up some vegan & gluten-free cupcakes from a Seattle Whole Foods to take for the plane ride home… YUM



I probably could have made this into a couple of posts, but was just so excited to share all of the amazing eats I was fortunate enough to try on my vacation.

Tomorrow – I will recreate one of the above dishes. Can you guess which one????

11 thoughts on “Vegan on the Loose in Seattle, WA and Victoria & Vancouvery, BC

  1. Your trip looks soooo tasty! I’m jealous of all the vegan food you got to try (especially Pure Lovin’).

    I’m saving this post for when I get to visit any of these places. :)

    Oooh fun! I love games. I’m going to guess you’re going to make the Dragon bowl…but I’d also love it if you made the coconut almond cups!

    1. It was tasty!!! Haha I love that description. Pure Lovin’ was AH-MAZ-ING. I’ll have to go back. I know most people don’t consider Victoria, BC as a destination for a vacation, but it’s like vegan heaven there!
      So close with the Dragon Bowl! Oooh I haven’t even thought of the coconut almond cups… I shall make both!

  2. I am ridiculous but if I see a nice restaurant, that sounds delicious, but there is a whole foods within walking distance, I would SOOOOO much rather go to Whole Foods for a meal – hahahahahahahahah! Well, I guess unless it’s sushi?

  3. Ugh. Stealth cheese… yuck. :/
    Ahhhh…. I want to go to Seattle right now! And not have to wait for 11 months. Wayward Cafe is my favourite favourite favourite place. I am hoping to eat there many times next year.
    Plum is amazing, but you do need to get there early. I’ve been there for dinner twice and brunch once. They do have Plum Pantry in the Seattle Center if you are ever back up there. Not as fancy, but damn tasty!
    I am also really looking forward to Meet on Main next year when I visit Vancouver. I am pretty sure they have a mac and cheese burger with my name on it.
    Oooooohhhhh… I want the foods!
    That chocolate shop was an amazing find as well.
    This post has made me so hungry!

    Are you going to recreate the dragon bowl? Or maybe the green bowl? I am sensing…. bowl. 😉

  4. wow that is a lot of travel and a lot of good food – also had a peek at your travel pics and the views are superb – maple syrup shop. yes please, green cuisine food plate, brilliant, and those fruit sticks at Terry’s aunties are so cute – looks like a fun trip

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