Vegan on the Loose in Santa Barbara, CA

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned an entire weekend unplugged? It happened to be around the same time as that crazy football game that was happening near my place. My husband and I wanted to be nowhere said football craziness and decided to pack up our pooch and hit the road!


LA is always at the top of my mind, but it’s a long drive for us, so we settled on Santa Barbara. On the way up, we stopped for a bite to eat at my one of my all time favourite restaurants, Bliss CafĂ© in San Luis Obispo.


Terry tried the Reuban Sandwich and the soup of the day. I can’t remember what the soup was anymore, but it was phenomenal. Almost as good as the Hungry Buddha Bowl I got!


Stay tuned as I will share a recipe with my take on this bowl later this week 😉

Nothing beats their vegan, gluten-free doughnuts though!


I like Bliss because the food is very healthful and filling and makes me feel like a rockstar whenever I eat it. If you are ever in the San Luis Obispo area – I highly recommend you check them out.


We piled back in the car and made the trek out to Summerland for a quick stop at the Sacred Space. It’s probably the most unique store I have ever seen. It’s filled with things from across the world and is beautiful and has amazing energy.


After a long day in the car, Sunny was happy to arrive in Santa Barbara.


We were also tired from our long day in the car and opted to order pizza for supper instead of exploring the town as the sun had already set. We ended up trying Pizza Guru who had a very good understanding of vegan. Not only did they have the average vegan-friendly pizza, but they had interesting menu items for veg lovers. Like white garlic pizza sauce. OMG so good! And vegan chickin’ and Canadian bacon. As someone who tends to stick with the same pizza sauce & toppings regularly, I was pleasantly surprised when Terry got me to branch out and try some new things:



The vegan garlic white sauce is a must if you go there. Seriously delicious! Just make sure you ask about your order as some of their crusts contain honey.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and revitalized and ready to go exploring. Sunny and I went for a nice sunrise walk and let Terry sleep in.


It was nice just to walk around the neighbourhood we were staying in and breathe in the fresh ocean air. We had some fruit & granola for breakfast and headed out.

As we were staying very close to the Botanical Garden, that was our first stop. It’s dog friendly!


If you feel up to a bit of a hike, you can climb up and see a nice view:


We saw the courthouse, which is quite beautiful.


Inside & out.


And if you make the trek up to the top (6ish flights), there is a breathtaking panoromic view of the city.


We spent the day wandering around the main street and checking out cute shops. We stopped for lunch at Natural CafĂ©. We were hesitant to try it as it’s not a vegan restaurant, but it was really good! And they also had a very good idea of vegan and were very accommodating.

Terry tried the tempeh burger.


My friend Lizzie (who recommended we try the restaurant) swore that the Old Town Salad with tofu, no cheese and tahini was her favourite salad ever. I don’t tend to get salad when dining out as I make them so often at home and would prefer to try something I wouldn’t make. But she was right – it is so good! So fresh and vibrant. Incredibly filling, too!


This salad has everything: grains, greens, protein & veggies. It even has guacamole on it! It’s a complete meal and leaves you feeling satisfied without being overly filling. It’s the perfect meal. I have been craving it ever since we left and will try to recreate it soon.

I liked it so much that I grabbed a bowl from them to go for supper:


So many veggies!!! Yum =)

We finished our day off by checking out the beach.




We were too tired to use any brain power to play the boardgames I had packed. So I left my technology freeze and we watched a movie and fell into bed exhausted and happy.

I again woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and thought I would use my energy wisely and had a nice run by the beach.


A girl could get used to this kind of running path!


We loved Santa Barbara so much, that we hope to go again soon! It’s a beautiful old town with historic buildings. Everyone is really friendly and there is a nice, relaxed pace. We admired the white stucco buildings with red tiled roofs dotting the coast line.

Here’s to minivacations and relaxation and happiness!


17 thoughts on “Vegan on the Loose in Santa Barbara, CA

  1. Love your heart sunglasses Kimmy! Your mini-vacation sounds wonderful. I’m feeling the need to get away with everything that has been going on as well but we have to wait until next month I think. I’ve only been to California a few times but I heard Santa Barbara is beautiful and it looks that way in your pictures too! Sunny looks like she had lots of fun too.

  2. Kimmy, your trip looks like a blast! And the food looks amazing too. I’m adding Santa Barbara to my to-visit list next time I’m in Cali. Thanks for the vicarious vacation! :-)

    1. The trip was fantastic, the food fabulous – all in all pretty great. The tofu salad especially! I just recreated it today and it was dee-licious. It’ll be on the blog (hopefully) next week.

  3. Hey Bim Bim, I’m so glad you Terry and Sunny had a great mini vacation!! Your pictures look fantastic and I’m so glad all the restaurants were so accommodating for you guys!! Love and miss you xoxo

  4. Awww how cute are your glasses! And it sounds like you had a fun technology freeze, that’s such a great idea Kimmy. Some days I feel I should just switch my phone off and lock it away for a while, I get so hooked, texting, Instagramming, checking emails, Googling random things…argh. Maybe I will switch it off for a whole weekend soon, even if I can’t go on a mini-vacation to the beach!

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    1. Hi Michelle. I take a multivitamin each day that has the recommended daily dose of vitamin B12. I also regularly use nutritional yeast (a very good source of B12) in a lot of my food (dressings, vegan cheeses and on top of my pizza). Hope this helps.

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