Vegan on the Loose in Puerto Rico (the sights)

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Sandy beaches, sunny days, good books, fresh air, shorts & tanks, long walks on the beach, and good vegan food.


My good friend Brie recently booked a vacation to Puerto Rico. Her original travelling companion wasn’t able to go with her and lucky me got to go! The flight was actually free as she had used her frequent flier miles so all I had to pay for was food & accommodations. I hummed & hawed about going, threw caution to the wind, packed my bags (and snacks!!!!) and ended up in Rio Grande.



We stayed at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa. If you are looking for a place to stay without having to explore much, this is the place for you. There isn’t much nearby (especially in the way of vegan food), but it’s right on the beach and there is plenty to keep you happy right at the hotel (casino, gift shop, restaurants, pools, golf course & fitness centre). The room was nice, the view was great! It wasn’t too crowded which was nice. Only a couple of restaurants were vegan friendly (and actually knew what vegan meant) and the prices were higher than I normally pay for food, but I will have a separate food post.

5oclocksomewherebar (1)

It’s 5’oclock somewhere…


Adults only swim pool


My morning run =D

We relaxed by the beach the first day, but decided to brave El Yunque Rainforest, which was conveniently close to our hotel. It was extremely hot and humid, we managed to make the trek to La Mina Waterfalls, but couldn’t manage the trailhead hike.






I did manage to find a wee bit more energy to climb this tower for some breathtaking views of the forest.



Another day we decided to explore the streets of Old San Juan.




We wound our way up the cobblestone streets and brightly coloured buildings to Castillo San Felipe del Morro.





It was windy!

Definitely a must see if you find yourself in Puerto Rico.


We caught a Flamenco Dancing show one night:




The last couple of days of our vacation was spent at a vegetarian bed & breakfast, The Dreamcatcher.

I was happy to hear of a vegetarian bed & breakfast that had vegan options. Our room was cute & clean and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The sprawling B & B is a mere blocks from ocean (less than a 5 minute walk!) and situated in a gated community just outside a small shopping area. I enjoyed just walking the beach and the small area surrounding. There are a few vegan-friendly restaurants in the area and we enjoyed our stay. The Dreamcatcher even offered inexpensive yoga classes.



Walk up to our room


Outside of our room


Our adorable room!


Common Area


Yoga Classes


Twinkly lights

I’m not sure this is somewhere I would have picked as a vacation spot, but it’s beautiful and warm and steeped in history. There is also a lot of poorness and depression. I appreciate it as a travel destination and was humbled by the locals. If you decide to visit, be sure to appreciate everything about the place, not just the nice, pretty things. It’s a good choice if you aren’t looking to go too far and want tropical breezes, want to relax, see some sights and go exploring. Stay tuned for a food post!



12 thoughts on “Vegan on the Loose in Puerto Rico (the sights)

  1. Great recap Kimmy! Your trip looked wonderful!

    I love the “5 o’clock somewhere” bar name lol. I’ve been been to Puerto Rico but I heard it’s beautiful. I’d love to do yoga someone that close to the beach, I bet it was amazing. I totally hear you about appreciating everything about where you travel. When I visited Ecuador last summer you could see how poor some of the people where and it made me realize how fortunate I am.

    When you ran on the beach, did you have your sneakers on or is it better to just go barefoot as the sand would absorb any shock that the sneakers would have? Sorry if that’s a weird question – I always mean to ask people that when I see that they ran on a beach. I hope to some day!

    1. The bar was pretty cute, it even had a swim-up bar 😉 It is beautiful! I’ll admit that it’s not at the top of my list to re-visit and there are too many new places I want to visit, but it was pretty amazing. Ecuador sounds pretty amazing too!
      Totally not a weird question! I think you can go either way depending on your preference. I always run with shoes on as it’s more comfortable for me (and I worry about stepping on things and hurting my feet as I’m a completely klutz) ;p

  2. What great luck you have! I’m glad you threw caution to the wind. Looks like you had an amazing time. Look forward to your food post.

  3. Love the post and all your photos. I’m so glad you agreed to go with me, it was such a fun vacation!

    Do you mind if I borrow a few of your photos? Just the ones that I’m in…

    PS. Remind me that I have a small post-vacation present for you next time I see you. :)

    1. Thank you for inviting me, I really needed it and had a fantastic time =) Borrow as many photos as you want! I’m going to put a bunch on fb when I get a chance too (apparently over 100…) – I have another good one of you that isn’t on here.
      You have a post-vacation present for me???? I need to take more vacations with you haha ;p

  4. That B&B just looks adorable!
    Sounds like a pretty great opportunity to come up! And I am glad you had a good time.
    I am looking forward to your food post.

    1. The B&B was totally adorable. A little more my speed than a fancy hotel, but the fancy hotel was nice too 😉
      The food post is up – and as a foodie, it’s even better than the sights post haha

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