Vegan Ice Cream Challenge!

My friend Di recently found a cute little ice cream maker at a thrift store, bought it and promptly went about making super delicious vegan ice cream. It got me wondering if I should get one as I normally just use my blender or food processor and either eat the ice cream right away and have melty ice cream, or put it in the freezer for a bit and it comes out rock hard.

The Contenders:

Di’s new but previously loved Donvier half-pint ice cream maker (pictured left) & my trustee vitamix

Di cranking it out

Me adding frozen “ice cream” cubes to the vitamix to attain a better consistency

Di’s on the left, mine on the right

Close up of mine

Close up of Di’s

The Results???

Although both versions taste pretty well the same, Di’s definitely held up better in the consistency department. And I thought it would require a lot more work and time, but it does not. All in all, it may not be worth it to buy the ice cream maker, unless you absolutely need that real ice-creamy like texture. Her ice cream is also much prettier than mine.

And now you patient bunnies may have your recipe =)

Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl (in tribute to the return of Orange is the New Black) serves 2

1 can of coconut milk (you must put this in the fridge the night before to get a good consistency – it really won’t work otherwise, trust me ;p)

2 frozen bananas (you could just use 2 cans of coconut milk, I could tell you we opted for a healthier version, but in truth – one of the cans didn’t produce proper coconut cream)

1 flax egg (take 1 tbs of ground flax + 3 tbsp of warm water, mix & set aside for a minute)

1 tsp of vanilla

3 tbsp of your favourite liquid sweetener (we used agave)

2-4 tbsp of nutmilk

Process these ingredients and take half and follow the directions of your ice cream maker if you have one. Or simply blend all of these up and put half of them in an ice cube tray to freeze for 30 minutes. Add 1/4 cup of cacao powder to the remaining half and re-blend. Add this to empty areas of your ice cube tray (or continue using your ice cream maker after removing the vanilla portion). If you are using your ice cream maker, once both flavours are done, combine them by layering one on top of the other a few times and mix it up. If you are using a blender, take half of the vanilla cubes, lightly blend, then half of the chocolate and lightly blend. Remove from your blender, put it in a bowl & set a side and do the same with the rest of the cubes.

Get your Swirl Chant fix here!

11 thoughts on “Vegan Ice Cream Challenge!

  1. I make ice-creamy like this too. I love just to put frozen Bananas in my Vitamix & add add ins like carob powder , nutmilks or almond butter, etc.

    Your ice-creamy look very inviting too,

  2. I recently adopted a vegan lifestyle and although I love it, ice cream has always been my #1 favorite food. I tried a cashew based ice cream that was delicous, but after a couple tries I discovered I have a sensitivity to cashews. I can’t wait to try this recipe – thank you for sharing! I’m so glad I found you on the Plant-Based Potluck Party!

    1. Oh that is too bad about the cashew sensitivity :( But bananas make a great replacement. They lend a really nice, creamy texture to ice cream. And I’m in the process of replacing cashews with beans in some of my recipes anyway. Hope you like it Jen! Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. Loving this head-to-head challenge! I made some pretty awesome low-fat almond milk ice cream in my Vitamix a few weeks back, but have yet to try vegan ice cream in my ice cream maker, which has been retired to the basement since I gave up moo juice. Will have to take it back out and give it a whirl–thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Kimmy.
    I must confess that I am obsessed with trying vegan ice cream creations. Whenever I go for long walks, I pop into raw or vegan restaurants in my city and try their versions. Your experiment was so much fun to read because I have been pondering whether to invest in an ice cream maker. I am so glad you shared this fabulous post with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. It’s perfect timing for the hot weather season!

    1. I have been kind of wanting to buy an ice cream maker… but also can sometimes be the type that buys a fun gadget, overuses for 3 months straight then it never sees the light of day again ;p Thanks Deborah!

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