Vegan & Gluten-free Finds at the Market

Want to know the deciding factor for how we picked the apartment we live in? The proximity to a Farmer’s Market.

It’s a small market, much smaller than all of the other area markets (pretty well every neighbouring city has a market on Saturday or Sunday), but I can get almost everything I need and it’s busy without being insanely crowded. I’ll take you on a little tour!

Isn’t it glorious? I’m so very lucky to have this so close to us. We buy pretty much all of our produce from the market – the only things I pick up from whole foods in a given week are staples like nuts and seeds, nut butters, bananas, limes and whatever else we happen to be low on (cacao powder, maple syrup etc). We’ve come to know a lot of the farmers and have our favourite vendors. Saturday morning is my favourite time of the week!

Ok, so enough about produce. We all know how easy it is for a vegan to sustain on produce. But what about the other stuff? I’m used to going to a market and buying produce but not being able to eat any of the fun lunch food they sell. I don’t normally buy lunch from the market as I just like to make my own, but we get it once in awhile. This market actually has vegan and gluten free crêpes, falafels and rice wraps.

And cookies.

Oh my the cookies. I’ve had the crêpes once and quite enjoyed them, but they seemed to have a lot of granulated sugar in them. The falafels I’ve only had once too as they are just ok. I quite like the rice wraps, but have only had them a couple of times as I really don’t mind just making my own lunch. But we do have a habit of getting things regularly from this vendor:

These guys rock! Check out how allergy friendly they are. And their stuff is tasty! My husband brought this home one day for me and said it was in place of flowers haha:

We’ve come to know Tracy, the cheerful & friendly cookie lady. She is super sweet and is passionate about food that everyone can enjoy =)

 I can certainly appreciate that too! We’ve tried pretty well everything from the scones, the cookies, the bread down to the muffins. Our favs are the muffins and cookies. When my mother in law was up for a visit, we tried the muffins for breakfast one morning and our jaws just about dropped at how good they are! She said it was hands down the BEST muffin she had EVER had. I could not disagree.

Our favourite is the sunbutter cookie. It is very unique and melts in your mouth. Mmmmm (pictured on the left below).

They are at the Santa Clara and Willow Glen (San Jose) markets on Saturday and the Campbell market on Sundays. Show them some love =) In the meantime, check out their website: Imagine It Bakery

8 thoughts on “Vegan & Gluten-free Finds at the Market

  1. I can’t wait ’til everything comes in season here! Making my mouth water… :) My CSA is starting (second basket this week), and we have a smattering of local things right now, but not too much yet.

    You are now SAFELY on my OTHER STOPS Tab! I won’t lose you again! lol
    Sorry about that!
    I’m jealous of your Farmers Market! Looks awesome!

    1. It is a pretty good requirement haha ;p For awhile we were complaining about the location in every other respect, but the past several months we have come to realise how lucky we are =)
      Thanks Heather!

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