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26th: Cookbooks – Show us your favourite cookbooks!


I decided to pick one cookbook – Vegan Fusion World Cuisine


The forward of this cookbook is written by Dr. Jane Goodall. She speaks of how we are at a crucial time and that we need to act to preserve our planet and it’s precious beings (especially animals). She sums up the cookbook and it’s writers:
“The Blossoming Lotus is a pioneer in bringing this healing awareness into our hearts and homes. Their Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Cookbook serves as a manual for sustainable non-violent living, painting a picture of a world without boundaries, where all cultures are celebrated and all people are treated with respect and caring.”

The book isn’t just about vegan recipes, it’s about a lifestyle that helps us tread more lightly on our planet. And also to be more compassionate towards ourselves and everyone. It’s sprinkled with inspirational and beautiful quotes.

It was the second vegan cookbook I ever owned (next to Veganomicon). My friend Di came to visit from California (while I still lived in Ontario, Canada) and brought this book as a gift. She couldn’t have brought a better gift! I have tried so many of the recipes over the years and a few of them make into our regular rotation, even almost 10 years later. I will highlight my favourites here.

Wakantanka Tofu Scramble


This is the first recipe I ever tried for tofu scramble. Although I have tried a few others over the years, it is still my aboslute favourite. It is hands down the best tofu scramble I have ever had. I have adjusted the seasoning a bit over the years, but the base if the same. I also made this with their Vegan Sour Crème recipe. It is always a hit at potlucks.

Mt. Carmel Couscous Salad


My apologies for the picture – I was on the go for this one. I subbed the couscous for quinoa to make it gluten free and added some black beans for a little more protein and bulk, but the dressing is super tasty. I like making a big batch of this for lunches for the week.

One Love Spicy Thai Noodles


Another favourite – I make this at least once a month, typically more. It’s a simple bowl of stirfried veggies with rice noodles, but the sauce is so flavourful. And it just comes together so quickly, that it makes for a great weeknight dinner. It’s easy to make a solo bowl for nights that my hubby works late.

Tara’s Pad Thai


This is the crowning jewel in the book. Also a simple dish, but the sauce is AMAZING. Whenever I make this, people always ask for the recipe. My meat eating friends practically lick their plates clean. One of my favourite pad thai recipes.

What’s your favourite cookbook?

Do you find you use cookbooks less since you started blogging?


6 thoughts on “Vegan Fusion World Cuisine

  1. I’ve never even heard of this, but it looks great – really fresh and colourful plates of food! I actually use cookbooks a lot more than blogs for recipes, I try to cook my way through a different recipe book every month and write a review. I really enjoy getting a good feel for a new cookbook, but it does mean that I miss out on a lot of the vegan bloggers (until they get that first book deal, anyway).

    1. It is such a great cookbook! I feel like I should get back to my roots and use my cookbooks more. I have so many of them and I used to love cookbooks so much. I remember when I first got a new one, I would read it cover to cover like a book and sticky note all of the recipes I wanted to try. That is a great idea to get through a cookbook. Ok – so I should make a cookbook then huh haha 😉

  2. Like Jenny, I had never heard of this cookbook, but it looks interesting, the first dish you have showcase is just sunshine on a plate. I am giving this vegan mofo challenge a miss only because i am tired this evening, but my favourite vegan cookbook presently, and its hard to choose but presently it is Vegan Street Food by Adam Sobel. Though Kerstin Rodgers V is for Vegan comes close too.

  3. I haven’t heard of this book before, but the recipes look lovely.
    I am still devoted to my cookbooks, I am terrible at cooking things from the internet or magazines.

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