Vegan Eats: Canadian Edition (more Lettuce Lovin’)

I am excited to share pictures of my trip with you! But as I mentioned last week, I am a busy lady packing all of my belongings for a big move. Today I will just leave you with some food porn ;p

First stop, my good friend Sarina’s for a summer bbq. She is an amazing cook. The burgers and potatoes were so incredibly tasty, but she really outdid herself with her caesar salad. She made the best “bacon bits” I have ever had!!!

And dessert… oh dessert!

My mom’s friend Barbie also made me a delicious meal:

My in-law’s had me for dinner one night – and check out this epic dessert!

So pretty! And tasty =) It was so fresh. Nature’s skittles… mmmm.

And I went to the awesome vegan local place near my mom’s, Green’s Organic Café. I went with my mom & mom-in-law and we got these dishes to try:

Sooooo good!

And here are some meals I made myself:

And I saved the best for last.

I of course got in a trip to Lettuce Love my FAVOURITE restaurant. In. The. World. =D

California Burger & Caesar Salad (how fitting!)

Smores Ice Cream Sundae for dessert… omg!!! It was even better than it sounds. That’s right!

I had to hit up Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for some cupcakes to go as well.

And I got to chat with Mike and plead for him to open up a restaurant in California.

If you are in the Burlington area (or within a 3 hour driving distance like I was), I highly recommend you check it out. The staff are the friendliest & happiest bunch I have ever met. And the food is utterly amazing. Spot on, every single time! Check out my previous reviews here & here.

Hope ‘ya’all had a great weekend! Come on by on Wednesday for a new recipe and Friday for Healthy Vegan Fridays.

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