Valentine’s & Galentine’s

Did you have a good ♥ day? I will be completely honest with you. I normally spend it lamenting the fact that my husband didn’t do anything to celebrate it. When we started dating, he wooed me. He did the flowers, the chocolates and even a cute stuffed puppy. Over the top! As the years went on, the cute surprises diminished. Ah such is married life at times. But as he likes to remind me (which I should remember on my own!) is that he does cute things randomly on other days. Why spend a certain day doing cute things when they should be done whenever the heart feels like it?

So this year, I had a plan. I came up with a good idea to spend some much needed time with my girlfriends. I hosted a wine, cheeze & chocolate potluck night and we all dressed up in our cute, black dresses. We spent the night chatting, eating and listening to music. It was so fun! I think a feel a tradition coming on – hello Galentine’s Day!

Bad picture quality from having too much fun ;p


I’m 3rd from the left and Robin is far left, we took the picture after a few girls left



My homemade chocolates




I had the girl’s night on Thursday, although Galentine’s Day is traditionally the 13th. I’ll remember that for next year.

As for the actual 14th – what better way to spend the day then volunteering? My friend Isabelle suggested we sign up to cook supper at JW House, for families with a member experiencing a medical crisis. We recruited our husbands to help – kind of like a double date haha. We thought it would be easier to make some of the food ahead of time, so she made a couple of traditional lasagnas and I ended up making a veggie casserole with a white garlic sauce. She made chocolate cake and I made date balls. Everyone thought the food was amazing – sneaky vegans haha. No one realized it was vegan until  after we fed them and they were all very surprised. Especially by my white sauce (thank you Miyoko!).













It turned out so good that I will have to make it again so I can share the recipe with you all. It was a humbling way to spend the day – definitely no room for lamenting over silly cards and flowers. It was a good experience and we signed up to make another meal there next month.

Although Terry did surprise me with some fresh flowers from our local farmer’s market =)


Hope you all had a nice weekend!

9 thoughts on “Valentine’s & Galentine’s

  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend valentines day!
    I love your Galentine’s day celebration as well. A lot of fun!
    My special yoga was challenging, but good. Alas, almost all of the raw treats were packed full of coconut oil and the one that wasn’t had honey in it!
    However there was a delicious fruit plate with lots of melon and grapes on it, and after working up a sweat some cool fruit is actually exactly what I needed. And everyone else was scoffing the chocolates, so I helped myself to a lot of fruit. Tee hee!

    1. Galentine’s was quite fun, I imagine it will become a tradition of its own.
      Coconut oil and honey-filled chocolate? That’s a bummer :( Although a fruit plate is a very good runner up – at least you could enjoy something after a good workout =)

  2. Awww I love seeing the photos of how you spent Galentine’s & Valentine’s Day! I’ve actually never heard the term “Galentine’s” before but that’s so cool! And the dishes you guys made for JW House look amazing, well done 😀

  3. Oh em gee- what a Galentine’s Day!!! I love everything about this from the amazing potluck to the rocking ladies in attendance. Oh, if only I lived in California. Here I am freezing in Toronto, wishing for some sun and reminiscing about V.V.C. <3

    1. You should totally plan one for next year. You are always welcome here in sunny California – there is an air mattress with your name on it haha ;p
      Hope you’re having a great weekend Jessica!

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