Updates (me & the pooch)

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great week and are gearing up for a fabulous weekend. I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA with posts on my blog & comments on your blogs, but the new pup is keeping me quite busy. Between her and all of my volunteer commitments… I have little time and I like to socialize a bit on top of that. I think I should be able to get back in the swing of things soon though. I plan on catching up on your blogs this weekend – bear with me!

Sunny Update:

I cannot believe how much I love this furry little child already. It’s unbelievable! She is so cute & sweet and she really is my little ray of sunshine (hence her name Sunny). We have now had her for 2 weeks and despite her foster mom telling me she wasn’t completely housetrained and likes to chew things, she has been pretty much an angel for me. She hasn’t had a single accident and now knows to go to the door when she wants out. She hasn’t chewed anything of ours… but check out this pic of what I came home to the other day:

Ugh. Chewed her dog bed while being crated when I was away. Then was sick. Awesome. Ah well. Honestly, she is a really good dog who is learning very quickly and we are so lucky to have her. She seems to have settled in nicely. The only issue she seems to have is serious separation anxiety when I leave her (which makes me think she was abandoned previously). So we are working on that, but other than that, she is pretty perfect =)

Me update:

Things are going well for me. I have to admit they weren’t for awhile there though. Since moving here I have been struggling with depression off and on and in September it went from mild to moderate. I had to seek treatment to try and work through things. I had some old eating issues crop up again, which made me sad as I thought I had dealt with all of that awhile ago. And I’m still struggling with body image issues. BUT one of the people on my team (yes… I have a team of doctors – only in America ;p), suggested getting a dog to help with things. I had been wanting a dog for quite some time, but it never seemed like good timing. Terry and I had actually thought about getting one right before he was offered the job here, so we didn’t end up getting one. I guess this was just the right time.

It has helped me so much. My depression has evaporated like a cloud and I feel my priorities shift into healthier ones. I’m happier and healthier because of it. I wish I could have pulled out of the depression on my own… but I’m just happy I am out of it now. I find it cathartic to write about things and get them out, so I may do a future post on everything that went on just to get it out there. In the meantime, thanks for reading and keeping up with me. Stay tuned for more doggie posts (and food too of course!).

12 thoughts on “Updates (me & the pooch)

  1. Kimmy, I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I’ve also struggled with depression and disordered eating and needed professional help to figure out the steps I needed to take. I’m taking it one day at a time but feeling better each day. Your new baby makes me want a kitten. :)

      1. I, too, have struggled with Eating Issues in the past…I totally understand what you mean! Glad you are doing better! Any time you want to chat/email – just drop me one :) HUGS!

        1. That is nice of you – thank you =) It’s nice knowing others are working through similar issues (well, it sucks, but it makes me feel less alone).
          Thanks for the offer – same to you!

  2. Yeah! My parent’s dog chewed her bed, too!
    AND…the other night Paco chewed MY pillow! It was Memory Foam, too! OMG…he pooped Memory Foam! But he’s ok! That little stinker! OMG!

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