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Before getting down to our recipe for the day, I’d like to take a moment to remember those who fought for our country and continue to make Canada our home. I will wear a poppy for Canadian soldiers and will also honour Veterans Day for the Americans and my home away from home.


I’ve never made stuffing before. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any either. It never looked particularly appealing to me. But with American Thanksgiving around the corner, I had this recipe idea in mind and it kind of reminded me of stuffing. So I made it! And then I looked up stuffing and realized this is nothing like the traditional dish and I’m not sure what else to call it. I thought of calling it stuffing salad, but it’s nothing like a salad either. At any rate, it would make a scrumptious side to any dinner =)


Unconventional Stuffing (serves 4-6 as a side)
4 cups of brussels sprouts (if you love ’em as much as I do, use more!)
2 tbsp of olive oil + 2 cloves of garlic, peeled + salt & pepper to taste
2 cups of chickpeas (I used dried and soaked & cooked mine, but 2 cans is probably enough)
1/4 cup of dried cranberries

4 slices of bread, preferably stale, sliced into cubes (I like to use the end pieces for croutons)
2 tsp of olive oil
1/2 tsp each of oregano, paprika, garlic spice, sea salt & pepper
a pinch of nutritional yeast

Start by preheating the oven to 475. Trim and halve your brussels sprouts and throw them in a glass lasagna dish. Cut the garlic cloves in half, throw them in with the brussels sprouts, add the olive oil, salt & pepper and stir to combine. Place it in the oven and allow to cook for 15 minutes. Prepare your croutons and place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Take the brussels sprouts out after 15 minutes, stir them up and put them back in the oven with the croutons for 10-15 minutes (don’t burn the croutons! Keep an eye on them).  Your croutons should be nice & crispy. Take everything out, fish the garlic halves out of the brussels sprouts and discard them. Throw the croutons in with the brussels sprouts and add the chickpeas & cranberries. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Unconventional Stuffing

  1. Actually, stuffing in the US sense is a strange thing to me. We have stuffing here, but it is generally actually stuffed into something, where as in the US it seems to be served as its own side dish? But then what do you call unstuffed stuffing?

  2. Brussels might be my all-time favorite veggie. This is an incredible idea as a unique vegan side dish. I may just have to try a version of this out for myself!!

  3. Yum, I love that combo of brussel sprouts, chickpeas and cranberries…plus those croutons look so crisp! I’ve never had stuffing either but whatever you want to call this, it’s definitely delicious 😀

  4. Hi Kimmy,
    Wow! So easy to make and yummy to eat! I have always been fond of brussels sprouts! What a creative blend of flavors! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious Unconventional Stuffing at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing!

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