Turning into Mom

Have you ever uttered the following phrase: “Oh my god… I’m turning into my mother” with a groan?

I certainly have. There are certain qualities my mother has that I prefer not to have inherited. Like the ability to get lost in my local neighbourhood (or anywhere for that matter…), or having my eyes glaze over when someone starts talking about current affairs, or being a complete clean/neat freak to the point of obsessive compulsiveness. Yup – those qualities all came from mom.

But something I’m realising as I get older, is that I’ve taken on a few of her other qualities too. I am the eternal optimist. You may hear me grumble and whine about somethings sometimes, but generally, I am an incredibly positive and upbeat person that knows everything will always work out for the best in the end. I was jokingly dubbed the Kelly Kapowski of my highschool and more recently have been nicknamed Sunshine for always being a genuinely cheerful person.

I’m a fairly thoughtful person. I’m the one who will send you a card “just because”. And I mean the old fashioned way, through snail mail ’cause it’s way funner to get actual mail. I like sending people cute care packages randomly because I know it will help make their day.

Most would describe me as a very nice person. I like making people feel comfortable, I try to make sure people around me are happy. I’m very caring and thoughtful and helpful. I will try to remember what foods you like and be sure to make a meal out of it when you are over at my place and will make a point of remembering what you don’t like. I help my friends out every chance I get and volunteer in the community to help those I don’t know (yet). I love that I can randomly strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere – I have been known as the networking queen.

I think my favourite quality is the fact that I always see the good in everyone. This may at times be detrimental as I am a bit naive and gullible, but, for the vast majority of the time, it works out really well and I end up meeting and connecting with fantastic people.

These are all thanks to my mom. I took a few qualities I’m not in love with, but I am fortunate enough to have taken all of her best qualities too =)











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