Tour de Coop 2016


I had the opportunity to help out with a great event this weekend – the 2016 Tour de Coop.  From the website:

The Fifth annual Silicon Valley Tour de Coop,  a free, self-guided bicycle tours of chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and coolest Silicon Valley urban homesteads, happened on Saturday, September 17, 2016. 1937 folks signed up to ride this year’s coop tour!

My friend Isabelle and her husband Peter have a coop and opened their backyard Saturday to people interested in checking out some chickens.



When they first started out, they bought two chickens so they could have the eggs. They have since learned a lot about the egg and chicken industry and have gone vegan. They no longer eat the eggs and have since rescued a few more chickens and foster a few at a time until they can be adopted to a good home. Isabelle is a volunteer with Animal Place (a farm sanctuary in Northern California) and regularly helps rescue chickens with them. She is awesome =)



These beautiful girls went from barely being able to move in a cage in a factory farm to a big beautiful coop with plenty of space to roam (30 square feet per chicken to be accurate, even though the area we live in requires only 10 square feet per chicken for a backyard coop – obviously still a huge improvement from a tiny cage). She actually has the back part of her expansive back yard fenced off with gates so the chickens can come out of the coops and have even more roaming space.

We had 101 people come by to check out the backyard and many were interested in starting their own. Hopefully they will rescue instead of buy their chickens.


There was even a volunteer with the Humane Society to talk about incorporating more meatless meals into peoples diet. She brought vegan cookies with her donated from Hampton Creek. There were several people interested in trying a vegan diet =)




Isabelle even fed us lunch & supper!


Green Goddess Salad (recipe from my blog =D), chips & cucumber dip & a cookie (I may have had more than one cookie…) for lunch.



Pizza & cold citrus soup for supper. She even made sure to have gluten-free eats for me!


I look forward to being a part of this again next year!



4 thoughts on “Tour de Coop 2016

  1. That is lovely that you were able to incorporate a chicken-friendly message into the day. I hope the people who came by will be inspired to make some changes!

  2. I love the whole day and message that everyone shared. Chickens are such cute little animals and they don’t get enough respect most of the time. Your friend is doing such a good thing. There are so many times that I wish I lived in California – especially when seeing things like this!

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