‘Tis the Season

Can you believe it’s already December 4th? Where did November go? Saturday rolled around so fast I didn’t realise it was already December. Yikes!

To be honest, I haven’t really felt like getting in the holiday spirit this year, which is not like me at all. I’m usually already done my shopping and have my cards sent out and the decorations up and the holiday tunes can be heard around the house. This year, I’m just not feeling it. Part of it may be that it is my first winter in California without my friends and family. Part of it may be from the warm weather and lack of white stuff.

So Saturday I was on a mission to get myself in that mood. I dragged my husband to some craft sales (which lucky for me doesn’t take much as he is one of those rare men who enjoys them) and I dug out the decorations. And then I remembered some family traditions from growing up. The first being decorations of course. My dad would go all out and totally deck out our house with lots of lights and reindeer and santa. It looked great! I remember him even joking once that the electric company gave us the month of January for free as we paid so much in December for all the extra usage. That is not super friendly to the environment, so I will have to let that tradition go. But I also remember his baking. You could walk into our house in the month of December on any given Saturday, and the place would smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh out of the oven treats. I especially remember how fun it was to make rice crispy squares with him and realised I have never actually made any myself. And Terry just happened to buy vegan and gluten-free marshmallows from the store a few days ago (which is strange considering I would normally not allow those in the house). So squares we made!

We bought Dandies marshmallows and I got some rice puffs so at least this version wasn’t super unhealthy, although this is definitely a once-in-awhile treat. I really like the Dandies ones as they  melted just like I remember non-vegan marshmallows, all gooey and sticky and fun! I just melted some earth balance in a pan, added the marshmallows and some rice puffs and voilà!

I still have the Christmas plate my dad gave me 10 years ago. He used to make a bunch of fun goodies, buy some cool holiday plates and put the treats on and wrap them with red & green cellophane paper and tie it with red & green ribbons. They looked professionally wrapped and gorgeous. I started taking up the tradition with healthier versions to give to friends and family.

What are some of your holiday traditions? What do you do to get in that “holiday mood”?

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

    1. Oh I love checking out Christmas lights too! Super fun =)
      I love making desserts with puffed grains (quinoa, rice, millet etc) – they add a fun added crunch. This was my first time making the marshmallows too.

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