The weekend of pet sitting (cute dog pictures included!)

Some friends of ours went to Disney Land this weekend for their anniversary, so I offered to watch their pups for them.

Made for an interesting weekend haha ;p











Aren’t they adorable???? The one on the right is a bit of a monkey though. I haven’t had a puppy in over 10 years… I forgot how much work they are! Man oh man. Good thing she’s so cute!

We ended up staying at our friends house, so I had some prep work to do before hand. I wanted to make sure we had lots of healthy eats while we were there.

Kale chips were on sale at Whole Foods and I tend to get a craving for the potato variety, so I thought having these would help. Man were they good! I made sure to have lots of fruit too, some lara bars, rice cake, nut butter etc.

Well, this picture didn’t quite turn out. But there are some sprouts, lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumber, pepper, asparagus and more fruit. And there is some coconut yogurt and probiotics but I cut them off while taking the picture. And I had made us a nice big salad to have over a few days:

Watch for this salad later in the week. It’s my take on a detox salad. I’ll put the recipe up Friday. It turned out very well!

One of the nice things about being in a different city was being able to check out a different Farmer’s Market and see what sort of things they had that I can’t find at my own.

I found a stand that had fresh juice and nut mylk!!! Pure awesome =) My hubby wasn’t feeling so great, so I took him home some fresh coconut water. Can’t get much more fresh than this ;p

The city we stayed in is called Mountain View. It’s not too far from us, so I’ve been there a fair amount, but wanted to show you why it’s called Mountain View. You can have a clear view of the mountains wherever you are. This picture honestly does not do it justice. It’s beautiful there.

I was invited to a bbq last night and wasn’t really expecting to be able to eat much, but there was a ton of Kimmy-friendly food there!

Lots of fruit & veggies. And on the right, my friend Brie made vegan spinach dip and brought me some gluten-free crackers to enjoy it with. YUM.

My contribution of potato salad was eaten pretty quickly =)

I did manage to snap a picture of my pie before it made a very quick disappearing act:

Sorry the post is so late. I kind of forgot it’s Monday today! My schedule is thrown off with the long weekend. Well, I best get back to my puggies:

6 thoughts on “The weekend of pet sitting (cute dog pictures included!)

    1. Yes, the dogs are quite adorable and cuddly.
      The salad is super tasty! I was expecting it to be somewhat bland, but it’s really good. It will definitely be up on the blog hop later this week =)

  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! I’ve never house-sit before but I think it would be so fun, especially in a different city. What a score- nut milks and juice!

    That salad looks great, can’t wait for the recipe!

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